Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Friday, June 22, 2007

From Dirt Track to Asphalt Track - Trying it Out

Dirt track auto racing is all that Jeremy has ever known. This past June weekend he was invited to try out racing a Nascar Truck on an asphalt track in North Carolina. You can see the pic to the left, #89, the Nascar Truck Jeremy is going to drive.
His first round in North Carolina went pretty well for Jeremy this past weekend. He just finished driving the Nascar Truck on an asphalt track for the first time, having to do 60 laps in total. He did well and followed the direction of his mentor who is telling him the things he must do to succeed.

He said it is "very different" then driving on the dirt track. He needs to drive again, and he still needs to get the thumbs up from the Nascar truck owner. If he does succeed and the Nascar truck owner is pleased with how he drives, then the hard part starts.

You just don't get to drive a Nascar Truck. You get to drive a Nascar Truck (usually for a $50,000 fee upfront) and then you get to promote yourself. There are all kinds of steps in between and it is a long road to haul, but the rewards can be exceptional in many ways in the end.

I'll keep you apprised of Jeremy's progress. In the meantime, don't forget to visit his website at
http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com/ for more pictures and dirt track auto racing information. Who knows, maybe one of these days we'll be building a website for Nascar Racing Trucks!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Dirt Track Car Has Been Rebuilt

Jeremy has been working very hard on rebuilding his dirt track car to get ready for the summer. It is now rebuilt, but, he is trying something different this week. I don't know how it will go for him but he has been asked to try out for driving a Nascar Truck in North Carolina.

He is a great dirt track auto racing driver but this weekend will tell if he can also drive a Nascar Truck for the Nascar Truck series. He figures he has nothing to lose by at least giving it a chance. It he doesn't make it, it's back to the auto dirt track. I'm sure it's in his blood and because of that, he just won't quit.

I'll keep you posted on his progress. In the meantime, he is building a site on sponsor house too and when it is completed, I'll put the information on the blog for you too. Have a great summer on the dirt track!

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