Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not Such a Great Night at Roaring Knob

The Saturday night qualifying heat race started out great on Sat June 19th.  Jeremy moved his way from near last up to fourth in his heat.  He was to start 8th out of 22 in the feature.  All started well.  He was working his way around the dirt track when he was slammed into and knocked into the side metal railing.  Several other cars were involved in the collision, but after going to the pits, most of them recovered.  Jeremy's crew checked out his car.  It was pretty banged up, but after evaluating it, he went out on the track to try to finish the race.  He made one lap around the track, keeping up with everyone when all of a sudden he pulled off to the right of the track and stopped, triggering another yellow flag.  This time he left the track not to return.

He said that the brakes weren't working right.  He was correct.  When he had a chance to look at his car once he returned home, he found that the brake line was severed and there was other internal damage as well.  He wasn't able to get the parts he needed in time for the next dirt track racing event at Roaring Knob this past Saturday, June 26th, but hopes to be racing this coming Saturday, July 3rd if he can fit it into his work schedule. 

Accidents on the track are costly and disappointing and they are not always caused by the driver whose car is damaged.  The way the rules work though, regardless of who causes the accident, all of the drivers have to move to the back of the line.  It doesn't seem fair, but it must work as these rules have been in place for years.  It was obvious that Jeremy didn't cause his own accident, but the end result made for a bad night at the dirt track for him.

At least the announcer gave his sponsor, Joy Mining a great plug while his crew was looking over his car.  They described the wrap and named the company and gave it a thumbs up.

Hopefully July 3rd will bring a better result.  We know Jeremy has it in him to win.  It's just a matter of time and racing more often. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jeremy Gives It His All At Roaring Knob June 12th UFO Night

Jeremy started 18th in a field of 22 cars and finished 12th.  Not too bad for his third time out.  There were several delays as three cars spun out at different times, but no one was hurt and no one was disqualified.  In the last several laps, Jeremy was able to pass two other cars to finish a respectable 12th place. 

The start of the race was delayed due to rain and the sky looked like it wanted to open up and pour on all of us, but outside of a few sprinkles near the end of all of the races, it was just muggy with a slight chill.  There was a candy toss for the kids and lots of good times with the UFO Super Late Model race.  It was a fun night for family and friends.  Hope to see you on the track.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models