Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jeremy's Dirt Track Auto Racing Late Model Lying in Waiting

Jeremy's Fastrak late model that used to take up the whole garage is now mostly dismantled and in pieces in the back of the garage.  For the first time EVER, the whole family gets to drive their vehicles the whole way into the garage, a great benefit, especially in the middle of winter!

One thing to keep in mind when building a dirt track auto racing car is that you need the space to work on your car.  There is always some repair that needs to be made after every race, and even if a repair isn't needed, maintenance definitely is, along with a good car wash.  So make sure you have the space available before deciding to purchase or build a modified race car or you will have a hard time keeping up with all that needs to be done with it.  Most individuals who race hold down full time jobs and dirt track racing is just a little bit more than a hobby.  That's why having your own space is so important.  You won't have the time to be locating places to work on your car when you need to.

Just a thought for anyone who is considering getting into dirt track auto racing.  We will keep you apprised of any progress through the winter.  Enjoy the holiday season!  Stay safe.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Jeremy Zufall Last Race of the Dirt Track Season 2011

Last Race of the Dirt Track Auto Racing Season Results.
The cold is upon us and the Fastrak Late Model is covered up to be worked on until the next race of the season in the spring.  For Jeremy's final race of the season, he did a great job in spite of getting caught up in a wreck.  He started 16th and was passing for 6th place when the leader spun out and he got caught up in the wreck. He ended up working his way to a 9th/20 car field!  Not a bad way to end the season.
Jeremy is looking forward to working on his car this winter and making more modifications that will help him move up in the ranks.  Overall, in spite of a few setbacks and wrecks, it was a good year.  
Hope to see you on the dirt track next year.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Roaring Knob - Jeremy Zufall October 7th and 8th 2011 - Great Finish!


Jeremy Zufall race results from Oct 7th & 8th at Roaring Knob Dirt Track as reported by Joy Racing.  Fridays' Heat Race went well.  Jeremy finished 5th in the 3rd Heat, locking him in the the Feature race on Sat urday. He started the feature in 19th place out of 25 Fastrak Late Model cars and after getting spun out once, came away with an 11th/39 place finish for Joy Racing!  Excellent way to officially end the season.  Way to go Jeremy!

Dirt track auto racing is a seasonal sport for anyone who lives in the cold, windy, snow states.  During this off time, and over the next several months, the drivers will work on their dirt track auto racing cars to get them in shape for the next year.   You can still find dirt track auto racing going on in the warmer states. Just google for more info on where the races are taking place.  Enjoy your winter!  Check out our website at http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Dirt Track Auto Racing and Football Are Alike

How are dirt track auto racing and football alike?  Since it's football season and dirt track racing is kind of winding down in most of the colder, wet, snowy states, we thought we would make a little comparison since our fans may be taking a break to watch their favorite football teams.  Jeremy's favorite team of course is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He's as wild and radical about them during football season as he is about driving on the track.

So what are the comparisons between Dirt Track Auto Racing and football?  For one, dirt track racing is an excellent sport that appeals to those who like to have a few unknowns thrown into the mix because of the dirt track, unlike Nascar which is boring in comparison.  Football is also one of the leading sports in the United States with millions of fans who set aside their weekly schedules in the fall just to watch Monday night football.  Even though astro turf is the new foundation for most professional football players, some still play in the dirt and mud caused by tearing up real grass.  Dirt track auto racing is a year round sport with millions of fans, but the weather has to be conducive to racing.  Dirt track racing can still be done in the warm weather states of the South, but football really takes on a life of it's own, outpacing racing for a time.  

Competition is what drives dirt track racers as well as football players.  Many dirt track fans love to watch the university football games.  Here in Pittsburgh, it's the Pitt Panthers who take the spotlight.  It is interesting though that Pitt used to be one of the better teams in their league.  However, it's also a fact that they have never played the one team that is considered to be one of the top 10 all-time college football programs, the University of Alabama.  Alabama's wins seem to come almost naturally and without much effort.  Fans are said to come to the games late and leave early because they know their team is going to win.  When they are there, the fans line the stands dressed in the finest Alabama apparel has to offer.  You will see row after row of fans sporting their red and white, Crimson Tide, University of Alabama shirts.  It would be great, in the spirit of competition and challenge, if the University of Pittsburgh would play a team that they have never played in the last 100 years.  Perhaps the stands would then be filled with blue and gold and red and white lending some real interest to what Pitt has to offer in attracting more fans to their games.  

So, even though dirt track auto racing may be taking the back seat to high school, college and professional football for awhile, the anticipation of the upcoming dirt track season still remains as time is set aside to rest and get the modified cars ready for tackling the dirt track in 2012. 

Friday, October 07, 2011

Jeremy Zufall New Dirt Track Headshot Joy Mining Sponsored

Jeremy's new head shot courtesy of Joy Mining, September 2011. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dirt Track Auto Race Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap Tennessee

Jeremy Z and family spent an entertaining and enjoyable day at the Joy facility in Tennessee.
Joy had all kinds of interesting displays and fun things for the kids to do, as well as providing a tour of their facility.

Jeremy was excited about having the opportunity to race on a new kind of dirt track for the first time at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap. Considering there were no hot laps to even practice on a strange, new track, all went well.  The walls of this track were on a greater angle and the track was much shorter than he was used to.  His pit crew consisting of his dad Jim, and his two uncles Dale and Lee, were a bit concerned because of the slope and Jeremy never racing on this type of track.  His mom was filming while the rest of his family had to go back to the hotel since his girls were falling asleep.   The race didn't start until 9PM and they had driven almost 9 hours the day before, getting in late to the hotel.  

Jeremy did well.  He started 15th and finished 9th in the 1st 20 lap feature! He then came home with an 8th place finish in the 2nd 20 lap feature! Two top tens....way to go Jeremy!!! Thanks again to Joy Mining for providing such a great day for the Joy family, race car drivers and friends.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Official Joy Roaring Knob Jeremy Zufall Race Results September 3, 2011

Official Race results from 9-3-11* (compliments of Joy).  Jeremy raced at Roaring Knob this past Saturday, where he started last in the make-up feature. He finished 11th. 
During the second feature he started 15th and finished 8th out of 25 cars!  There were lots of caution flags and wrecks this night.  Cudos for going around them instead of being in them.
And got rained out for the Joy 50 on Sunday.  That's the third time this summer!  
Dirt track auto racing still rocks!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Jeremy Z Moved up from 15th to 8th at Roaring Knob Dirt Track Saturday September 3, 2011

It was a beautiful, but toasty hot evening when the dirt track races started at Roaring Knob on Saturday night.  Jeremy and his dad were both racing.  His dad raced the charger event and Jeremy the Fastrak Late Model event.  There were numerous caution lights due to wrecks, all through the night.  The field started with 21 cars and ended with about 18.  Jeremy was placed 15th in the feature but went on to move up and finish a solid 8th place.  It was a good race that required a lot of skill to avoid so many spin outs and accidents.  Jeremy's dad Jim allowed a new driver to participate in the heat races while Jim raced in the feature event.  Both had a good night over all.

Joy, Jeremy's main sponsor is holding a special race this evening, Sunday, September 4th at Roaring Knob.  It's looking a lot like rain right now so there is a chance it may be called off.  If not, go out and enjoy an evening at the dirt track.

Fun, in the sun, at the Roaring Knob Speedway Dirt Track!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jeremy Zufall Gets 2nd At Dog Hollow Speedway Friday August 12, 2011

Way to go Jeremy.  2nd place out of 26 dirt track auto racers at Dog Hollow Speedway-Stoystown Auto Wreckers this past Friday night.  Here are the results for the FASTRAK Late Models (26cars): 1:Andrew Satterlee, 2: Jeremy Zufall, 3:Joe Martin, 4:Tom Snyder, 5:Shane Weaver, Tim Snare, Jr., Ken Herman, Rich Logan, Jim Boyer, Ray Weaver, Transten Stoner, Mike Laughard, Matt Bassaro, John Mazey, WL Stile, Ron Smithley, John Eckenrod, Wes McKeel, Troy Shields, Joe Brawley, Joey Petyak, Jason Mullen, Scott Fitch, Joe Moyer, Ed Kline, Billy Stile, III.
We knew Jeremy could do it.  He used to win all the time in his other classes.  Better car, good sponsors, and try try again did the job.  Way to go.  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jeremy Zufall Racing at Dog Hollow Friday August 12, 2011 - Come Watch!

It looks like we may actually get a Friday night at the dirt track without even a chance of rain.  Tonight, Thursday, August 11th would have been a fantastic race night. Tomorrow night is supposed to be the same beautiful weather at Dog Hollow Raceway. 

The last time Jeremy raced his car was badly damaged.  It's still banged up looking in spots.  The beautiful wrap job that Joy did has taken a beating, but hopefully, after Friday night, something good will happen on the dirt track.  

It's been several weeks now since he's raced, with race tracks canceling and closing to the dismay of many of the drivers.  Even Joy night had to be canceled because Tri City actually closed it's doors to dirt track auto racing for good.  No one really knows the story and if they do, a comment or two would be appreciated.  It seemed as though they were having trouble maintaining their track because their water source was dried up.  I'm sure it's expensive to try to keep a track going and with all of the rainouts we had this year, the owners everywhere, as well as the drivers, have had to take some losses.  

Come out to the Dog Hollow Racetrack on Friday night and watch the dirt track auto racers do their thing and especially watch Jeremy Zufall #20 and cheer him on.  See you there!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are You a Dirt Track Auto Racer Who Loves Motorcycles?

Are any of you dirt track auto racing fans motorcycle lovers?  If you are, you know that just like your favorite dirt track car or dirt bike, motorcycles take quite a bit of maintenance to keep them up and running in the most efficient way possible.  It's very important to take care of these vehicles because it is even more costly to allow them to break down completely.

Preventative maintenance is the first step in avoiding costly repairs.  It's not hard and you don't even need to write any of the steps down once you go through the process a few times.

1.  A very simple step is to keep your bike clean.  Just take a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth and wipe off the dust on a regular basis.  If your bike is really dirty, give it a bike bath.  Wipe it down with water or use a mild cleaning solution made specifically for vehicles.  If you keep your bike clean, it will perform better.  Polish it once or twice a month to give it a little bit more love. 

2.  Like a fine dirt track modified car, you need to check your oil levels.  Make sure your bike is parked.  Check the levels and watch for a change in oil color and fluidity.  Take a look around your motorcycle to make sure you have no leaks.

3.  Check your brakes and clutch regularly and change the linings before they are too worn, especially if you have been on a long ride or trip.

4.  Take care of your battery.  Make sure you check your battery terminals and the water levels in the battery.

5.  Make sure your headlights and tail lights are working well.

6.  Check your tire pressure and tire tread.  Remember that when it's hot, the pressure may be off so take that into consideration.

7.  Turn on your bike and let the engine idle.  Listen to it purr.  If it's not purring or sounding like your used to, turn it off after a few minutes and do another double check.  This short time period will send oil throughout the cylinders and pistons so they can work by a well oiled machine. 

8.  Repair or replace any motorcycle parts that are broken, immediately.

9.  Continue on a regular maintenance plan for the best results regardless of whether you drive a dirt track car, a dirt bike, or a motorcycle. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poker Run Cystic Fibrosis Fund Raiser and Dirt Track Fastrak Late Model on Display

Every year Jeremy's family heads up a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  One of Jeremy's uncles passed away at a very young age from this terrible disease.  As a result, the family gets together to raise money for this great cause.  

This year, Jeremy was able to put his Late Model Fastrak Series car on display for the enjoyment of those who came to participate in the poker run.  Every year the fundraiser is held in a different location and can be a different fundraising event from ice cream to bowling to the poker run events.

Sara (Jeremy's beautiful wife) and Jeremy's Fastrak Late Model Dirt Track Car

Jeremy Zufall proudly displays his Fastrak Late Model at the Poker Run Fundraiser

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tri City Dirt Track Auto Racing Event Sponsored by Joy Rained Out Last Night

It was a beautiful, hot, very hot day and things were looking up for a great race at Tri City Dirt Track Auto Racing Joy sponsored event, but the weather turned for the worse.  The storm came out of nowhere right up through Butler PA and onto the race track.  The lightning was fierce and the rain came down in buckets.  We were hoping it was only going to be a scattered thunderstorm lasting only a few minutes, but that was not to be.  

This was Jeremy's newly wrapped car after the wreck demolished the front end and bent the frame in his last race at Dog Hollow Dirt Track two weeks ago.  Great job Joy.

Two of Joy Mining's Sponsored Dirt Track Vehicles - Fastrak Late Model and  Nascar Truck
Nascar camping world truck driven by Josh Richards and owned by Kyle Busch Motorsports (KBM)

The pre-race events for the Joy drivers consisted of a tour of the Joy plant, a nice lunch, pictures of all of the dirt track cars and their Nascar truck, and then off to the track.  Everyone was excited.  Many drove a long way to participate.  Some took off work.  It happens.  Although it was a disappointment this time, hopefully there will be another Joy sponsored dirt track race in the near future.  Thanks for trying Joy!  

Same dirt track car and truck, different view

Joy's Dirt Track Sponsored car and truck, different view

Hopefully you will be able to see these vehicles again on another Joy sponsored dirt track auto racing event in the near future.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dirt Track Auto Racers - Need Auto Body Collision Work Done in San Francisco?

Dirt Track Auto Racers - Need Auto Body Collision Work Done in San Francisco?

Two weeks ago, Jeremy pretty much demolished his Fastrak Late Model due to a careless driver who re-entered the dirt track into fast racing traffic, apparently without even looking.  The end result, Jeremy's entire front end was crushed, his frame was bent, and he was knocked out of the race and lost his points.  There was no way he could have stopped.

Accidents happen in every day life as well.  If you are a dirt track auto racing fan, or even a dirt track auto racer who needs a bit of help fixing up your damaged race car after an intense race, there is a company in San Francisco, Spectrum Auto, who is ready and willing to help restore your car back into tip top shape. 

Now we know that dirt track auto racing cars are not covered under insurance, (they will still work with you to help you with repairs that are not covered as well), but the every day vehicle that you drive, when you have full coverage, is.  Spectrum Auto stands out in the San Francisco community.  From a technical standpoint, they are ASE certified,  I-Car Gold Class Certified,  AEM Certified Engine Management Tuner, and their technicians can perform the California State Smog Check Test & Repairs.  They are one of the few shops that work on Hybrid vehicles and they are experts on all of the newest model cars.

Spectrum Auto cares about getting your car back in service as soon as possible.  They will work closely with your insurance company, make rental car arrangements for you, pick you up and drop you off, and best of all, they will guarantee your repairs by providing you with a lifetime warranty.  This is a great package deal that will get you up and running quickly.  Even if you don't have full coverage, they will work with you to help you get your car repaired in the best way possible, at a fair and reasonable price.  It's well worth checking them out if you live in or near the San Francisco California area.

Also, if you are looking for dirt tracks near San Francisco, you will want to check out the Chucko.com page for information on Sprint Car racing tracks in the USA and California.  The page is filled with helpful information on the location, size and requirements of a variety of tracks.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disappointing Night At Dog Hollow Dirt Track for Jeremy Zufall and His Late Model Fastrak

It was just one of those nights you did not want to have on the dirt track.  Everything started out well.  The heat race went well and Jeremy finished fourth in his heat.  The track was a bit dusty and there were a few pits and several cars flew off the side of the track, but Jeremy held his own.

The feature race was another story in itself.  After completing one lap, a car that flew off the side, re-entered the track.  Jeremy was rounding the track at top speed when the car pulled from the side of the track right in front of him sideways!  Jeremy had NO chance to stop.  He smashed full force into the side of the white Fastrak car and did major body damage to his own late model.  The guy who caused the accident went on to finish the race.  That was the first time we had seen him on the track.

He's not sure if the frame is bent on his car or not, but much of the body needs replaced as it was badly damaged.  Jeremy tried to continue the race but the front end of the car kept dragging on the track and finally the car just veered off to the side out of control.  He had no choice but to give up and call it a night.

Dirt track auto racing sure has it's ups and downs, but it's always a shame when another driver, due to a careless act, causes an accident.  It happened more than once this past Sunday at Dog Hollow, but Jeremy definitely got the short end of the stick.  Jeremy was 5th in points overall but being unable to finish the race knocked him back down again.  

Now it's time to rebuild the late model to get it ready for the Joy Feature race in two weeks.  More money, more work, and hardly enough time while working many hours on his job.  He'll get it done with his dad and uncle's help, but it isn't going to be easy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey Dirt Track Auto Racing Fans! Now You Can Study Online Before You Take Your Written Driver's Test!

There are lots of dirt track auto racing fans who are our readers who still need to get their driver's licenses.  Before you can even consider doing that, you will need to pass a driver's test in your own state.  That can be a real task for most people.  You'd be surprised at how many prospective drivers actually fail their first written exam.  It's frustrating, embarrassing, costly and inconvenient.  It doesn't have to be though.

Now, there is a website that offers preparation cheat sheets for the california dmv test  and for just about every other state in the USA.  In addition to helping you study and giving you sample tests for  the DMV, they also offer the motorcycle, recreational vehicle and commercial vehicle cheat sheet tests as well in many of the US states.

The cheat sheets are actually study guides that prepare you with test questions that would be similar to those questions asked by the DMV in your own state.  For those of you who are prospective drivers and think that the written tests are easily passable, you may want to think again.  Getting a study guide is similar to purchasing Cliff Notes before a test.  With these cheat sheets, however, any prospective dirt track fan can study up before taking their test, take a sample test with the rules and regulations for their own state, and be guaranteed to pass the first time!   That's great news.

Today, many attend college and even high school online.  Study course are available in just about anything and everything.  Now you even have the option to take sample drivers tests online so when you encounter the real thing, you will pass the first time and be on the road in no time at all.  So check out the link to the california dmv test which will take you to all of the other participating USA states.

See you on the dirt track!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Jeremy Zufall Dirt Track Race Results Dog Hollow Raceway July 1, 2011

Jeremy Zufall race results from 7-1-11 at Dog Hollow Raceway are:  He finished 3rd in the heat race and 5th out of 23 cars in the feature.  
Jeremy is holding his own against veteran racers and drivers who have all won feature races.  His Fastrak Late Model is performing well thanks to the help from his dad, his uncle Dale, his uncle Jim, and his friend Repp (Repp Racing Engines).  
Of course his mom is his videographer and his family and friends are his best and most loyal fans.  
Here are some new pics of Jeremy racing at Dog Hollow.

Late Model Fastrak - Dog Hollow Dirt Track Raceway

Friday, July 01, 2011

Beautiful Night for Dirt Track Auto Racing at Dog Hollow Speedway

Hey dirt track auto racing fans. . . It's a beautiful day in Western PA and a perfect night to watch Jeremy Zufall race his Fastrak Late Model at Dog Hollow Speedway.  It's not that hard to find.  It's out in the boondocks, but after you make it the first time even using Mapquest, it will be very easy to get to the next time.  There are very few turns.

The address is:

152 Hamill Road
Northern Cambria, PA 15714
(814) 948-6812
They do have a concession stand that offers hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks, fries, candy, 
and other assorted goodies.  You can sit in the bleachers but beware, they are a bit worn.  
You can bring your own chair or seat pad which many people do.  They do have bathrooms, 
but you may want to bring an extra roll of toilet paper as they do seem to run out fairly quickly.
The bathrooms are acceptable, but don't expect anything fancy.  The track is well kept for the 
drivers and the setting is very pretty as you look toward the track. 

They start the night off with a prayer and the National Anthem and then the races begin.

Since you're there to see the guys and girls race so who cares about first class amenities, 

So pack up your stuff and see you at the dirt track!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Great Night at Dog Hollow Raceway - Fastrak Late Model - Jeremy Zufall and Dad, Jim Zufall

Last Friday was an exciting night for the Zufall family.  Dad, Jim Zufall and son, Jeremy both had the opportunity to kick up some dirt in our direction.  2 Grandmas, pap, dad, uncle, sister, wife, and assorted kids were there to cheer both of them on.  All of the other tracks were rained out, but the weather was perfect in the Hollow.  

Dad Jim, who races in the Charger Division, hadn't raced in over four years.  He's been busy getting Jeremy acclimated to the new Late Model Fastrak Dirt Track Division for the past two years.  He and Jeremy's uncle Dale and good friend Repp are his pit crew.  Jim couldn't take it any longer so he brought his Charger to the dirt track and did quite well for himself.  He finished fourth out of a field of eight cars in the Feature race.  This was an excellent finish considering he hadn't driven in over four years!  Jim has what it takes to win, but as we all know, it takes time and money to race.  He's sacrificed many years to help Jeremy get to where he needs to be, but he is perfectly content doing so.  We were just thrilled that he did have the opportunity to race.

Not to be outdone, Jeremy put on quite a show himself.  The total field for the Late Model Fastraks was twenty one.  In the Feature, he started 13 and finished sixth.  No one passed him, and there were several cautions along the way.  He drove aggressively and is definitely looking like a contender.  We were all cheering him on.  All in all, it was a great night at the dirt track.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Jeremy Zufall Dirt Track Auto Race Dog Hollow Speedway

It was a beautiful evening at the Dog Hollow Speedway in Strongstown, PA.  Jeremy finally got a good starting position (he usually draws a pill which puts him in the last set of cars).  Starting third, Jeremy Zufall finished 5th out of 10 in the Heat Race Friday night.  He started 13th in feature and finished 7th out of 24 cars. The total car count for the class was 30 Fastrak cars.  Great job Jeremy!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Roaring Knob Race Track Not Up To Speed for Their Dirt Track Racers and Fans

The last two times Jeremy raced at Roaring Knob, the track conditions were less than being desirable.  The dirt track was very bumpy and had many ruts in it.  These past two times so many cars got flat tires and had to leave the track for other damage done to their cars.  We watched anxiously as Jeremy almost hit the inside wall as his car tires were stuck in one of the ruts.  He finished in a decent position in both races, having started next to the last, but both nights were anxiety filled instead of fun.  

Is Roaring Knob in danger of losing fans as a result of their track conditions?  Possibly, but that shouldn't be as much of a worry as them losing drivers who are not willing to risk damage to their dirt track cars.  Dirt track auto racing is expensive.  The track needs to be in good or even satisfactory condition or many drivers who live on a very small budget will not be able to afford to run on a track that could possibly damage their cars.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Joy Auto Racing - Nascar Camping World Truck Series

Joy Racing is pleased to announce our latest member of the race team, Josh Richards. Josh and Kyle Busch Motorsports will be racing for select NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races throughout the 2011 season.

Kyle Busch Motorsports (KBM) essentially began with Kyle's first purchase of a Legends Car in 2003 to provide an outlet for Kyle to hone his driving skills. Over the years, KBM filled a trophy case with Legends Car and Late Model hardware.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Steam Team of Texas - Dirt Track Auto Racing Fans Advertisement


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With all of the storms we've been having across the country lately, especially in Texas, some homes have had their roofs damaged.  As a result, many homes have water leaking into their ceilings.  The Steam Team can take care of any water damaged ceiling repair in Austin      by providing water extraction services.  They will help you get your house back into tip top shape in no time.

Many times the water leakage causes mold and mildew to build up.  The Steam Team offers natural odor removal in Austin.  They can clean your carpets, drapes, floors and cloth furniture using a natural cleaning process that won't leave chemical lingering smells along the way.

So, if you are a dirt track auto racing fan and you live in or near the Austin Texas area, check out The Steam Team and the variety of services they offer.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dirt Track Autor Racing Roaring Knob May 7 2011 Jeremy Zufall

Jeremy raced at Roaring Knob this past weekend.  He started 13th in the finals and came home 11th.  No excuses, but the dirt track had lots of ruts in it, most likely due to all of the rain we've had.  He gave a special thanks to his mother who took care of 3 yr old Ava after working midnight shift to come to the track.  That is not an easy task.  He also thanked his beautiful wife for staying home with their sick 9 yr old Lexi so he was able to race. Hopefully all will be well for next week's race.  See you on the dirt track!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Sharon Speedway Dirt Track Auto Racing Results 4-30-2011 Jeremy Zufall

Dirt Track Auto Racing Results courtesy of Joy.
Here are Jeremy's results from Sharon speedway 4-30-11.  He started last in heat (seems to be something that happens to him often in these draws).  He finished 7th, and had to run a B-main to make the feature. He started 6th and made it to the A-main, started 24th and was working his way in traffic. He was up to 16th on lap 13 of 20 and had a mechanical problem with the car. We were all very happy for him. 
There were 32 Fastrak cars at Sharon Raceway Saturday night.
The good news is that Jeremy said the car is ready and so much better than last years car.
Great Job Jeremy! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Roaring Knob 2011 Dirt Track Racing Schedule

Check out the 2011 Dirt Track Racing Schedule for Roaring Knob.  If you can't see this clearly enough you can go to www.roaringknob.com the website and view the schedule and other information about the site in more detail.  Check back with our blog every week or so after the season begins for updates.  Jeremy is looking forward to having a great season this year due to some updates on his late model.  Check out the new wrap from his main sponsor Joy.  Looking good!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jeremy's New Late Model Fastrak Joy Wrapped for 2011

Here it is.  Jeremy's late model dirt track racing car looking good, wrapped in the Joy logo over the past two weeks.  The schedule is posted on the refrigerator.  Now we need some decent days to race.  Hopefully the rain will stop for awhile so these guys can get on the tracks soon.

Now the excitement begins!  Check out the dirt track auto racing schedule for Roaring Knob and come join the action this year.  See you on the track!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jeremy's Late Model is Getting Wrapped

The garage is empty.  The late model is gone for a few weeks.  It's at Joy getting wrapped in Joy's logo before the car is ready for the dirt track.  We are praying that everything falls into place for this season and are anxious to see Jeremy have a great year.  We'll put up some pics as soon as the car returns home.  In the near future we'll be adding more pics of some of his older dirt track cars.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Jeremy's Late Model Before It Gets Wrapped

Jeremy's late model is built and ready for the dirt track auto racing season.  But first, he needs to get his car wrapped by Joy, his sponsor.  The car is loaded and the guys are ready to make the trip to drop it off.  When it gets back, it will look very different from the one you see here.  Looking forward to a great season.  Good luck Jeremy!

Click on the picture to make it larger.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dirt Track Racing - Out With the Old Late Model - In With the New

Progress is being made.  Jeremy sold / traded his old late model for his new late model dirt track car.  It is definitely a work in progress.  Here are some of his latest pictures to show you what's happening while he is building his new car. 

Late Model Dirt Track View 1

Late model dirt track auto view 2

Late model dirt track auto view 3

Late model dirt track auto view 4

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dirt Track Auto Racing 2011 - Building the Car

Dirt Track Auto Racing, 2011 is underway.

Out with the old and in with the new. That's what happens each year. Jeremy and his dad are working on building his new late model getting ready for the dirt track this year. Joy Manufacturing will still be his main sponsor. There is lots of work to do to get ready for the first race later this spring. What you see is the start of something new. The car guts are a few years newer than the last late model Jeremy drove so hopefully it will help him move up in the ranks this year. More sponsors are always welcome. We'll post pics as the progress continues. Lots of things have been done already but there is plenty more to do.

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models