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Friday, July 01, 2011

Beautiful Night for Dirt Track Auto Racing at Dog Hollow Speedway

Hey dirt track auto racing fans. . . It's a beautiful day in Western PA and a perfect night to watch Jeremy Zufall race his Fastrak Late Model at Dog Hollow Speedway.  It's not that hard to find.  It's out in the boondocks, but after you make it the first time even using Mapquest, it will be very easy to get to the next time.  There are very few turns.

The address is:

152 Hamill Road
Northern Cambria, PA 15714
(814) 948-6812
They do have a concession stand that offers hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks, fries, candy, 
and other assorted goodies.  You can sit in the bleachers but beware, they are a bit worn.  
You can bring your own chair or seat pad which many people do.  They do have bathrooms, 
but you may want to bring an extra roll of toilet paper as they do seem to run out fairly quickly.
The bathrooms are acceptable, but don't expect anything fancy.  The track is well kept for the 
drivers and the setting is very pretty as you look toward the track. 

They start the night off with a prayer and the National Anthem and then the races begin.

Since you're there to see the guys and girls race so who cares about first class amenities, 

So pack up your stuff and see you at the dirt track!

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