Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zufall Finishes 10th At Roaring Knob Aug 15 2009

Dirt Track Auto Race Late Models at Roaring Knob August 15, 2009. Zufall places 10th. 7 laps to go in this video. Crank up your speakers. The video isn't the greatest and will be better next time with an actual video camera. I just wanted you to get a feel for the sights and sounds on the dirt track. If you can make it out, Jeremy is #20 and his car is bright blue, with a black hood and orange numbers. His car is in 10th place on this video. They started with a field of 22, had four wrecks, and 13 late models made it across the finish line.

The sunny day was hot with beautiful clear blue skies. As evening approached and the hot laps were finished, it was the start of a perfect evening and night for racing on Sat Aug 15th 2009 at Roaring Knob. If you've never been to Roaring Knob to watch a dirt track auto race, you need to take your family. It's only $10 per person to get in and children under 10 are free. It's a great evening of family entertainment and you will get your money's worth.

The track was packed down with mud and clay with near perfect conditions. Two weekends before, the dust was so thick you could barely see the track. Today was special. It was autograph day at the track. The kids (and of course moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas) all hit the dirt track with their flags, hats, t-shirts and anything they wanted signed. They were given free programs by the track. The event was run so well. The drivers lined up on the track by their dirt track cars and handed out goodies, autographed post cards, and took pictures with their fans.

Jeremy was on the track for the second time this season. His goal was to finish in the top 10 and he did. He needed some adjustments on his car and tires, but in spite of a few technical difficulties, he managed to do well. In addition, he was thankfully able to avoid four accidents.

Here's the happy dirt track auto racing family and Jeremy's car. See you at the track!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Please Help Our Daddy Buy Some New Dirt Track Auto Racing Tires! (and fix his fender)

Dirt track auto racing is fun for the whole family, but many dirt track racers are everyday guys who work hard for a living. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up. It takes money to build a winning dirt track car unless you are just going to race for fun.

Daughters, Alexia and Ava are Jeremy's biggest dirt track auto racing fans. They want their daddy to do well. Someone out there can make that dream come true and get some great advertising in return.

Jeremy, Ava and his dad Jim at Roaring Knob on Sat. Aug 1st enjoying a break in between heats.

A note from Alexia and Ava in grandmas words :)

Our daddy needs sponsors. He is a good driver with an excellent track record and a car that doesn't have any pretty stickers on it. If you like dirt track auto racing, would you please consider sponsoring our dad's modified late model dirt track car? Thank you. Alexia and Ava

Ava beside daddy's great big tires.

How can you resist these two sweet faces?
See you on the dirt track!

The Low Down on Roaring Knob Dirt Track Auto Race Sat Aug 1st

Yes, it's official. We actually had a beautiful weather day without rain. Hot, sunny, muggy, and DRY!

We made our long journey to Roaring Knob. Jeremy had no problems getting checked in. We had a great space right at the end of the track where we could see the racers close up.

There were a record number of dirt track racers on this particular Saturday because they had a special event with the super late models (incredibly exciting and so much more so than boring Nascar). The payout was about $3,000 for the winner. Even though that's not a lot of money compared to Nascar, these super late model drivers can make a killing.

It was an exciting night. This was the second time this summer Jeremy was able to get on the track. He did his hot lap rounds like everyone else. The next race for him was the heat race. He started last and ended up making the finals, moving up a few cars.

In the finals, he started at 23/27 cars and finished at 16/27 cars. Not bad for his first time completing a dirt track race in a new, virtually untested modified late model. He kept up with the pack all the way and because there were so many cars on the track, they seemed to all stick together.

He did make a few dollars for finishing 16th, but he was just happy that he was able to finish the race and see what more he needs to make his car better so he can move up a few places next time. His take is that he needs new shocks (about $2,000) and a few other items for about $4000 to get his car up to speed with the winners on the track. Jeremy has proven in the past that he has what it takes, but you also need a good dirt track car to be a winner.

Here's a picture of his modified late model and as you can see, it's bare. If you are interested in promoting your small business to a bunch of loyal dirt track auto racing fans, then why not consider sponsoring Jeremy? He has the talent, the drive, and the interest. He has dirt track racing in his and his family's blood and now, he has a new family that can't wait to see him accomplish his goals.
If you are interested or just have questions, please email him at dirttrackcarrace@aol.com and put sponsorship in the subject line.

Oh yes, another interesting side note. . . there was a driver who, while racing in the super late models, kept clashing with and bumping another driver. They were playing a very dangerous game because they had their own little "tiff" going on. As a result, they were both disqualified.

The one driver left peacefully but the other driver put the field crews and the other drivers in a lot of danger. He took off wildly around the track, revving up his engine and weaving in and out of the other drivers. He refused to leave the track. The stand off ended with him being blocked in by several tow trucks. Even then, as he left the track, he caused even more problems. Word is that his car was badly damaged in the pits by a few angry people. It's a shame. I've never seen anything like this happen. The police became involved and he won't be racing at Roaring Knob anytime soon. Other than making for a little excitement, most drivers follow the rules and even though they are competitive, they don't cause this kind of trouble.

I'm telling you. . . you need to go see a dirt track auto race. Bring a blanket, some glasses, and wear old clothes because the dirt will get you!

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models