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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - The Slow Season

Dirt Track Auto Racing - The slow season

We haven't had much to say on the blog lately because the dirt track auto racing season is over for all of us on the East Coast. You can still find a few races if you want to travel to the warmer states in the US. For most of us though, it's time to get ready for the New Year and another racing season and that means time for rebuilding.

Jeremy Zufall, one of the local Latrobe Champions and his dad Jim, also a champion dirt track racer, are busy working on painting Jeremy's modified for next year. He's also working on rebuilding the motor and other key parts so he has a better year this year. His engine blew up last year and he was racing other people's cars which really isn't quite the same as building and tweaking your own so you know what you're getting into. He is a great driver and with the right car, he will continue to be a winner.

Jeremy is also busy building a new house which will be done in the next month or two. He's spending time primering and painting the walls right now. Wayne Homes is building most of it but he has to put the final touches on. Never hurts to save a few bucks so you can use if for your race car. . . He is also looking forward to having his own space to work on his stock cars. Not sure what the neighbors will think though when they hear the rumble and roar during his testing phases! Jeremy's dad, Jim and his mom Tammy just finished building their new house too. Of course they have always had the room they need to work on their cars and Jeremy's cars over many years and the neighbors don't mind because they doesn't have any! Wide open spaces. . . lots of room for test races!

Jeremy and Jim are both looking forward to the new season and it seems all too far away. Tammy also volunteers at the dirt track and she is a great help to all of the guys during the events.

By the way, please don't forget to visit our http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com site for more info on dirt track auto racing. Have a blessed New Year and thanks for all of your support during this past year.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Challenger Raceway Blow Out

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Challenger Raceway Blow Out

The weather was very cold, there were lots and lots of heat races, the track was dusty and everyone was trying to get one last race in before the really bad weather hit. Jeremy and Jim Zufall both tried their best to do what it would take. Jeremy wound up being 4th in the heat race out of about 30 which wasn't too bad. Jim was doing well until his axle broke and his wheel fell off. He did get it fixed and went back in the race later but he was already too far behind to have it make any difference. Jeremy thought things would go pretty well until his motor blew up during his final race.

All in all with all of the problems Jeremy had this year, he is looking forward to making next year much better. We may be uploading a bit of video from the race if we can or at least providing a link for you.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - From Soup to Nuts

Dirt Track Auto Racing - From Soup to Nuts

If you have been looking for a variety of information on dirt track auto racing, then you need to visit this next site. Click on the link to find out everything and anything you wanted to know about dirt track racing.Click here for more information.

Some fans are looking for information on how to find a Nascar Job. Some are looking for information on how to get started in dirt track racing. Some want to know more about entering dirt track races and what is involved.

Racing Secrets will give you information on just about every topic you should know about in dirt track auto racing. So don't delay. Spend a few minutes checking out the site and get involved in the great sport of dirt track auto racing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coolest Dirt Track Auto Racing Products Ever!

DIRT TRACK AUTO RACING - Seriously, the coolest dirt track product site ever!

I was just surfing on the net for interesting dirt track info and I came across this product site that has to be the "coolest dirt track auto racing" products site ever. There are thousands of products in every category you can imagine, but the best part is that they have the best selection of fun dirt track stuff for babies through dogs!! The site is great. Dirt track auto racing is winding down around here so you have to find something fun to do. Check out the site. The holidays are coming up and if you can't find something on this site, I'd find it hard to believe. Enjoy. Look to your right to check out the unique items for the dirt track at cafepress.

Challenger Raceway - A Real Challenge

Can dirt track auto racing be as much fun as this? Frostbite, windburn, life flight, fire, smashed cars, dirt flying, wheels spinning, axles breaking, never finishing. . . that was a good description of the last night at Challenger Raceway in Indiana PA.

Jeremy had worked hard modifying his automatic transmission problem car into a standard. The car was working great and he did well in the qualifying heats coming in 4th out of about 30 cars, but when the finals came around on Sunday night, it was all over. No one got to finish because there were so many wrecks and red flags. It was way too cold to be racing too. Jim Zufall, Jeremy's dad fared even worse when in the qualifying rounds, his axle broke.

Jeremy came home with windburned lips that look sort of like a male Angelina Jole (just his lips) and Jim came home with a broken down car. It took them the last two days just to warm up. Others fared even worse with one of the racers having to be life flighted after his car wrecked and caught on fire. He is ok though.

I'm hoping to get a few pics posted about the event in the next week or two and will post them on the blog. Needless to say, their last race of the season was a disappointment.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - New Articles

Racing Carburetors

By Eric Morris

Tip! (7) Sports Car Racing: Sports car racing takes place in a closed circuit and in this race, purpose-built cars and sports cars production versions compete with each other. This race is particularly for long distances like 1000km and that is why this race involves more than one driver switching between them.

Today, some of the most powerful cars in the world are using carburetors rather than the automatic fuel injection system. This is because to produce torque and horsepower, you require a mixture of air and fuel. A 600-horsepower engine will need about 300 pounds of fuel per hour. The needs of racecars are very different compared to the needs of a typical passenger vehicle. With the large amounts of 'G' forces the cars withstand, you need a fuel delivery system that can compensate for the high pressure they endure.

Another reason why racecars use carburetors rather than electric fuel injection systems is because of their ability to allow the vehicle to accelerate at a very fast rate in the lower gears, allowing it to pick up RPMs very quickly. This rapid acceleration increases the demand for fuel.

What will happen if fuel delivery is weak?

Tip! (4) Touring Car Racing: This type of race involves highly modified production cars and it is comparatively slower than the sports car racing or the single-seater racing. The most popular championship is the World Touring Car Championship.

If your fuel delivery system is weak, your engine will not be as efficient when producing power with regard to the amount of fuel used. When this happens, it may cause your motor to miss or "burn-up" parts. One sure thing that will happen is that you will not receive top performance from your motor. You will not be able to get all of the power you could possibly get. This is why it is important for racecars to have new racing carburetors, camshafts, and flowed heads. Regardless of how advanced the car's carburetor is, if you do not have a fuel delivery system that can handle that much power and maintain correct levels, the carburetor will not be able to disperse the optimum mixture of fuel and air.

What will happen if the fuel system is too large?

There is a misconception that having a fuel delivery system that is too large will hurt performance, which is untrue. It will actually ensure that the type of carburetor you have in your motor will give you an optimum mixture of fuel and air for maximum power.

Tip! Nascar racing, another style of go cart competitions, attracts many people because it closely imitates real Nascar racing by using an oval asphalt track. The Nascar go-cart races are also sprints ranging from 1/10 to � of a mile long.

Carburetors provides detailed information on Carburetors, Carburetor Kits, Rebuilt Carburetors, Carburetor Parts and more. Carburetors is affiliated with Wheel Bearings.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Last Race for the Season In Latrobe

DIRT TRACK AUTO RACING - This was the last race for the season at the Latrobe Speedway in Pennsylvania. Jeremy inched by to finish third in the feature after a disappointing year of auto problems. He will be racing in Challenger but hopes to build a better car next year along with getting a few significant sponsors.

Jim Zufall finished second over all in points for the season. As soon as we get his pictures, we will upload one and post a few on the website at http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com

It was an exciting night with a free for all event. Not everyone took advantage of the no rules situation, but it was alot of fun to watch anyway. The season still continues on for many dirt track auto racers where there is good weather year round. We will continue to contribute to the blog adding more tips, articles, product recommendations and advice until Latrobe's dirt track racing season begins next year.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Jeremy's Car Artists Rendition

Dirt Track Auto Racing

What more could a dirt track racer want then an original portrait of his car! We won't disclose who the artist is because the person is kind of shy. Even though the person is an amateur it's still a pretty darn good rendition of Jeremy's Charger (before the motor blew up this year).

This gave us a good idea. We are trying to promote the sport of dirt track auto racing and at the same time, make the site fun to visit. If you have a picture of your favorite dirt track auto racer and you would like us to put it on our website or blog, email the pic to me along with your story and we will be happy to include you on our site. We are trying to promote the sport as a whole so if you love the sport then share your experiences with the world. Just make sure your pics are your own or you are giving credit where credit is due for copywrite reasons. Don't forget to visit our website at http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com

Send your pics to dirttrackcarrace@aol.com or maddunn@aol.com See you at the dirt track!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Zufall's Dad Wins!

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Another Zufall Win!

Talk about keeping it all in the family. . . Jeremy's dad, Jim Zufall #15 won the Charger event hands down. This is his third win since July. When asked how he did it, his answer was, "I just love to race. I do it for the fun of it." Jeremy helped his dad work on his car to get it ready for the dirt track race. He and his dad help each other.

Jeremy is working on his car (remember his motor blew up) to get it ready for the race at Challenger Race Track in Indiana Pennsylvania. He isn't sure if they are going to have it ready in time, but they are working hard to do so. Challenger is a 3 day event where there will be plenty of dirt track auto racing for everyone.

As a spectator of dirt track auto racing, I've learned that getting down and dirty is for the fans as well. The late models race around the track at speeds up to 120 mph. Pieces of dirt fly everywhere no matter where you are sitting, but you definitely don't want to be on the turns. Layers of dust settle on your clothing, on your skin and in your hair. The noise is deafening. It takes some getting used to but it is exciting and fun, especially when you are cheering on your favorite dirt track auto racer.

So congratulations to Jeremy's dad, Jim Zufall, for another great win!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Featured Game

Dirt Track Auto Racing Fun for Your PC

Dirt Track Racing Fans. If you can't be on the dirt track for whatever reason, go to your nearest mouse pad and enjoy the ride with Dirt Track Racing 2.

Product Description From the Manufacturer

"The Track is Back! Capturing the exact experience of competition, Dirt Track Racing 2 straps you in the driver’s seat with a realistic racing simulation like you’ve never seen before! Get down and dirty on the track with a faster class of vehicles and progress through various series from hobby stock to the late models.

Dirt Track Racing is back! Offering an extreme style of exciting gameplay that made its predecessors so successful! With new tracks, mind blowing graphics, intense special effects, amazing sounds and introducing a new class of cars to race, the "Modifieds". And if that’s not enough, Dirt Track Racing 2 will be "backwards" compatible, meaning the racetracks of Dirt Track Racing and Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars will work for Dirt Track Racing 2.

Game Features: Race 3 classes of cars! Choose from the Stock, Modified and Late models! Extreme realism! A graphically enhanced "fresh" look to all vehicles! 14 original tracks! Race on oval, D-oval, tri-oval, egg shaped and 3 all new figure-8 layouts! Replay function! Watch your race again and really learn the track!

Spectacular effects! Exhaust smoke, flames, lighting and particle debris! Career and resource management mode! Purchase or upgrade new vehicles, rise up from Street Stocks to the powerful Modifieds, do repairs and more! Real world physics and handling. Training, practice, Quick-race, Championship, and Career Modes. Spectacular collisions and dramatic visible damage modeling.

It's heart-stopping, high speed Dirt Track exhilaration like you've never experienced. You're in the cage and in the fray in the most immersive Dirt Track racing sim on four wheels. Rev it up, hang on and go for the checkered flag as you throw a cloud of dust in the competition's face. "

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Jeremy's Pic

Dirt Track Auto Racing - The Dirt Track

The Dirt Track - [Dirt Track Auto Racing]

In my newsletter I've been discussing the importance of having a good attitude. On the [dirt track], you are going to need it. [Dirt track auto racing] can also be at the mercy of the track conditions. This week at our local Latrobe dirt track, the delays were long and unwelcome. The weather does play a part in the condition, but the dirt track needs to be ready for the racers or temperatures will start to rise. My car is still out of commission as I need about $2000 to repair the motor. I'm driving other cars in the meantime, but it's not the same. My good buddy won the dirt track race this past weekend and my dad and uncle are doing great as well. But everyone still needs to keep that mental edge when dealing with a dirt track that isn't the best to race on when you most need it.

Here are some great pics snapped by David Bulebush from Sterling Virginia, at the Latrobe speedway. Dirt Track Auto Racing Pics.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dirt Track Car: Switching from a Manual to an Automatic

Dirt Track Car: Switching from a Manual to an Automatic

I recently had my modified dirt track car up for sale. I got an email from a guy in NY who said he would be interested in trading my modified for his. I drove back to Latrobe and have been working on the car ever since. My first dirt track race wasn't very successful. I was doing great and was in first until the yellow caution flag interrupted my progress. 5 more laps under the caution flag and my car overheated. Back to the pits. I need to do more work. Not real sure I like driving the automatic. It's different, but I'll make it work or find another modified to race. Don't forget to visit my home page. If you want info on how to find a dirt track job go to: http://jobsearchtop10.com/Default.aspx?PageID=autoracingjobs

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dirt Track Racing - Pitfalls

Dirt Track Racing - Pitfalls

We're at the dirt track. Fourth lap, in the lead, all was going well. Then the yellow flag. Several more laps. Yellow flag. Then it happened. The car overheated. I was driving my dad's car this time (I just traded my 2003 roller for another so it isn't ready yet). Couldn't finish. Another Sunday night bites the dust. This year just isn't going well so far. Between the rain and happenings on the track, it seems like things will never get better.

But, you know what? They will get better. These are just a few of the pitfalls that happen in dirt track auto racing. You can't control everything, so you have to go with the flow. It's still fun. It still gives you motivation to get back out there and try again. So get that modified car and get busy on the dirt track. It's worth the bad days too.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - My Car Bites the Dust

[Dirt Track Auto Racing] My Car Bites the Dust

So, you want to [dirt track auto race]? Be prepared. Anything can happen. It finally stopped raining long enough for me to race at Latrobe Speedway a week and a half ago (sorry but I've been lying by the pool and in the ocean in Playa Del Carmen Mexico for the last week so I haven't had time to write :) Third round. I was in third place and on my way to second when my engine blew. My dad got second so at least the whole night wasn't a total loss. The moral of the story is that if you want to race on a dirt track, be prepared not only for weather, but for your car to blow up for no particular reason at all. The second moral is, go to Mexico and the Riveria Maya all inclusive, site on the beach and down a few cold ones so you can forget that your engine blew. It worked for me! I'll be back to fill you in on what actually happened as soon as I get my land legs back again and my head out of the sand. All of that crystal clear blue and green water just does something to your mind! Thanks for listening. Regards. Jeremy. [Dirt Track Auto Racing]

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Facing the Unknown

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Facing the Unknown

I was going to tell you how fantastic my race went last week. . . but I can't. Actually, I was going to be racing twice and I wanted to tell you all about it. But instead, all I can report is RAIN!!! Yes, one thing you can't control is the weather. You wake up in the morning, ready for the dirt track auto racing challenge of your life and BAM, lightning, thunder, rain, slick muddy clay awaits. Two cancellations in one and a half weeks. Great start to the dirt track auto racing season, wouldn't you say.

Instead, I watched a bit of Nascar on TV with my feet up. I love to race though and would rather be on the track then watching it.

So, my dirt track auto racing tip for this week (Tip #5) is: Don't count on the weather to cooperate and call before you go to the track. (Tip #6) Pray for nice sunny days and evenings and dry tracks. Enjoy your two tips. . . see you soon.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing is Awesome. Alexia Will Tell You So!

Dirt Track Auto Racing Fans. . . CLICK HERE to see a warm welcome from one of Jeremy's cutest dirt track family members. After this, what else is there to say?

For a great auto racing blog that is not dirt track go to: http://www.fordracing.com/?bannerid=3612471290311232445136

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing Tip #4 - What About Dirt Track Rules?

Hope you had a great week. I will be dirt track auto racing tonight (if it doesn't rain) and I will let you know how it goes. I put a new dirt track video clip of one of my buddy's racing at night on a dirt track. If it looks a bit blurry, it's because it's night time and they are going around 120 mph! We'll do some daylight shots of dirt track auto racers as well so you can get an even better idea of what is going on. You can go to the home page of http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com Or, just click this link to view it. http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com/f/therock.3g2

What about dirt track auto racing rules? Racetracks and the different stock car associations work together to try to come up with a rule book that is general enough to cover lots of different race tracks. Although you should check for individual rules for your track (these are available when you register), for the most part, you can expect just about the same procedures no matter what track you visit. The rule books will outline specifically each race car class and that includes things like engine size, dimensions of the car, equipment requirements and a list of what you are not allowed to do. This is very helpful because it allows the racer to enter more races, increasing their chance of winning and adding to their points no matter where they race. It also allows the race track to allow the largest number of cars that they can. That gives the racing associations the chance to sponsor more events which in turn, makes new and old fans alike very happy.

Each fan has their own stock car preference. Both open wheel racers and stock cars have their good and bad points. We'll go more into the types of tracks the stock cars race on next time so see you back soon.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing Tip #3 - What Class Do I Race In?

Dirt Track Auto Racing Tip #3 - What Class Do I Race In?

Did you know that dirt track auto racing has classes? Not the kind of classes you have to take in school, but classification classes. When you first start out in dirt track racing you will start in the "4 Cylinder Class" or "Pure Stock Car Class" which are the two entry level dirt track auto racing classes. To qualify for this class your car will most likely look like a normal street or stock car. There can be up to 15 classes that you can race in on a dirt track. The class levels are designed to make dirt track auto racing fair for all. So if you are a first timer, don't forget to bring enough money for a small entry fee and register in the 4 Cylinder Class. Check out a few new pages on
http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com and check back soon time for another dirt track auto racing tip.

Monday, April 24, 2006



You've taken the advice from dirt track racing tip #1 and decided to not to wreck your own shiny car. You want to buy an inexpensive car to use on the track. So now you have a number of options. You can go to: your local newspaper car ads, a junk yard, or classified ads made specifically for dirt track and auto racers like
racingjunk.com. A used dirt track racing car should cost between $1000 to $5000 on average. (Or, if you have the cash, you can have a company like "Sleeper Chassis" in Huntingdon, PA 16652-0000 (814) 643-2969 build a new or custom dirt track racing car for you and get a quote. Another company, JR Motorsports sells basic cars through building a complete car from the ground up. You can contact them at: General Inquiries: JR Motorsports (704) 696-3580 phone or email to info@jrmotorsport.com. On average though, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 and up to have someone build you a custom dirt track racing car. Now that you are in shock, back to reality. The most logical thing to do would be to visit the dirt tracks themselves and do a bit of "dirt track networking" by asking the racers themselves and others in the pit if they know of a car for sale or watch for the "for sale" signs on some of the cars themselves. Hope you found this tip helpful. See you next time for Dirt Track Racing Tip #3.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006



You're back! Great. Here is your first dirt track racing tip. Let's start at the beginning. . . you don't have a car. Well, you may have a car, but can it be used for racing on a dirt track? Sure. You can take your everyday car, go to the nearest oval dirt track, pay a small entry fee and take your chances. That's what a stock car is! A "stock" car. But, if you don't want to mess up your nice, shiny, new stock car, you may want to consider some alternatives. You may want to buy yourself an older junker that you can "modify" a little and don't have to worry about damaging on the dirt race track. So the first tip is to race a car that you aren't worried about damaging because if it is your first visit to the dirt race track, it's going to be a down and dirty time, a little bit scary, and the damage, although minimal, will be from flying rocks, dirt, mud, causing little nicks and dents. Of course, the worst case scenerio is damage from another car, a wall, or other inanimate object that doesn't happen to get out of your way. Come back soon for tip #2. Visit
http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com for more detailed info on dirt track racing.
Dirt Track Racing

Thursday, April 13, 2006



Welcome back to my dirt track racing blog. I've decided that the best way to help out my readers is to give you what you need the most. . . info on dirt track racing. With that in mind, I am going to give you 365 days of dirt track racing tips. It may not be everyday, but definitely once a week, so check back often so you can get the info you need about dirt track racing. Look forward to your comments as well. If you are looking for a job, visit http://www.jobsearchtop10.com where we will be addressing jobs available in auto and dirt bike racing. See you soon for more dirt track racing tips.

Friday, March 31, 2006



Are you interested in learning how to race on a dirt track? Did you know that there are schools that you can attend to teach you the basics of dirt track racing? There are plenty of them and they are located all across the country. Why not go to
http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com/articles.html and check it out for more detailed information. If you have attended any of the dirt track racing schools or nascar schools across the country, let us know where. If not, how did you learn to race on a dirt track? It would be great to hear about your experience with dirt track racing schools.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Dirt Track Auto Racing Video Clip

Want to see a great dirt track auto racing video clip? Click the link to my right. CLICK HERE The credit goes to "Shane Sollitt of HyPerformance Videos at Hervey Bay specialises in speedway, speedcar, and racing motorcycle videos, plus of course, weddings. Shane is based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, and produces a wide slection of speedway tapes shot since late 1966. His quality videos have been on TV channels 7, 9 and 10, Sports Tonight, Foxsports, C7 pay TV, and more. If you are a racing enthusiast you will appreciate his video clips presented free on this page. " Dirt track auto racing is an adventure. Visit http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com for more dirt track auto racing.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Dirt Track Racing Car - My 2005 Modified Beauty

Modified dirt track racing fans. Check this out. . . this is last year's model. This is a modified version of my dirt track racing car built on a Laser chassis. A car like this costs about $12,000 for a complete roller. Next time, for the "newbie" dirt track fan, I'll tell you more about what dirt track racing is all about. Hey, don't forget to visit: http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com for lots more info on dirt track products and dirt track racing.

Hey, Dirt Track Fans, This is My Family

DON'T FORGET TO VISIT MY WEBSITE AT: http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com for lots more information!



Hello Dirt Track Racing Fans (or Future Fans!)

Welcome to my dirt track racing blog. My name is Jeremy and I want to let you know that dirt track racing is AWESOME. In this blog I want to share my enthusiasm and dirt track racing experiences with you. So visit often to find out what's new. Most important of all, I want to know about YOUR dirt track racing experiences. So come back soon for more important info on dirt track racing.

Please visit my website at: http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models