Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Tuesday, April 18, 2006



You're back! Great. Here is your first dirt track racing tip. Let's start at the beginning. . . you don't have a car. Well, you may have a car, but can it be used for racing on a dirt track? Sure. You can take your everyday car, go to the nearest oval dirt track, pay a small entry fee and take your chances. That's what a stock car is! A "stock" car. But, if you don't want to mess up your nice, shiny, new stock car, you may want to consider some alternatives. You may want to buy yourself an older junker that you can "modify" a little and don't have to worry about damaging on the dirt race track. So the first tip is to race a car that you aren't worried about damaging because if it is your first visit to the dirt race track, it's going to be a down and dirty time, a little bit scary, and the damage, although minimal, will be from flying rocks, dirt, mud, causing little nicks and dents. Of course, the worst case scenerio is damage from another car, a wall, or other inanimate object that doesn't happen to get out of your way. Come back soon for tip #2. Visit
http://www.dirttrackracing.citymax.com for more detailed info on dirt track racing.
Dirt Track Racing

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