Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dirt Track Auto Racers - Need the Best Golfing Equipment?

Just like dirt track auto racing requires equipment specifically tailored to meet the needs of each driver, golfers require the same.  The golfer's golf clubs must be tailored for the unique size and shape of the specific golfer so that professional has the best advantages over his/her competition.  For example, golf clubs basically come in standard sizes and can be chosen according to the needs of the player.  However, for those professional golfers who want to win, tailor made golf clubs will give them a greater advantage.

One way to get the advantage for a professional golfer or even the serious weekend golfer would be to try hybrid golf clubs.  There is a company who can meet all of the golfer's needs whether s/he be a professional golfer, a team player, a weekend golfer, or a golfer who just likes to play a round or two occasionally.  That company is Cleveland Golf and their entire line of golfing equipment can be found online at http://www.clevelandgolf.com  

It is well worth your time to check out what they have to offer as they have a great selection and the prices are definitely competitive.  Remember, just like the dirt track racer who wants to win, finding the winning equipment in golf is just as important. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jeremy Zufall Race Results Dog Hollow June 15 2012

Jeremy Zufall had a good night at Dog Hollow Dirt Track Auto Racing Speedway this past Friday night.  His car was fast and he finished 6th out of 16 cars getting another Top 10 for the season. Before last night he was up to 10th in points maybe a little higher now.

Stoystown Auto Wreckers FASTRAK Late Models (16): Mike Laughard, Andrew Satterlee, Joe Martin, Shane Weaver, Rich Logan, Jeremy Zufall, Tim Snare, Jr., Ron Smithley, Jeremy Shaffer, John Eckenrod, Andrew Wylie, Josh Valenti, John Mazey, Wes McKeel, Joe Moyer, Scott Fitch. Heats: Satterlee, Snare.

Great job Jeremy.  Come on down and watch a great dirt track auto race with the family!  You'll have a fun time getting to play in the dirt as it flies through the air while the Fastraks and Late Models roar around the dirt track.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jeremy Won His Heat Race at Roaring Knob June 2, 2011

We knew he could do it.  Jeremy finished first in his heat race at Roaring Knob Speedway in Markleysburg on Saturday June 2, 2011.  We all had high hopes for the feature event.  He started out great for the first lap or two, holding his own, when all of a sudden he started to slow down, falling behind rapidly.  He came to a complete stop as the caution flag went out.  Hopes were dashed.  Jeremy's Fastrak Late Model broke down.  It had to be towed off the track and he was out of the race having been unable to repair the car in time.  Dirt track auto racing has so many ups and downs.  Jeremy has been racing so well, but his late model still has some problems that need to be fixed and more money is needed to keep the late model well maintained.  Many of the dirt track racers in his class have money, come from money and have numerous sponsors.  For anyone starting out, be aware that it does take quite a bit of money if you want to be a serious contender on the dirt track.  For those who don't have the amount of money to maintain a late model, don't expect miracles.  You can be a great driver but if the dirt track car you are driving isn't competitive, you won't be either.

Jeremy will come back and we are hoping that his mechanical problems will be solved so he can get on the track and do what he does best.  Drive!  See you on the dirt track!

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models