Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Party Planning

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

My mom has been retired for a little while now and she is realized that she has a lot of extra time on her hands. She has started exercising and joined a book club. She has even taken a few cooking classes and she has traveled a good bit too. However, she wanted to do something more to take up her time. She loved helping plan all of our weddings, and now she loves helping plan her grandchildren’s birthday parties. She is really pretty good at it too. She is always very organized and has very creative ideas. She decided to start her own party planning business. She wanted to focus mainly on children’s birthday parties, but if those go well, she is willing to branch out into other areas too. She decided that she needed to set up a website for her new business so she searched “Chicago T1.” She has a phone line just for her business and the website is already is bringing in a lot of business. She said that she might even want to open up a store to go along with her business where people can buy party supplies. I am proud of her and I am glad that she is not bored with her free time

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models