Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Roaring Knob October 8, 2010 FASTRAK Late Model Series

Last racing weekend of the dirt track auto racing season for Roaring Knob. This is Jeremy Zufall, #20 racing in the final heat race for this year. He did ok in this one but found that his car wasn't adjusted correctly for the track. During the time in between races, he adjusted his car and and qualified for the B team. During that race, he was hit by another driver and his car was badly damaged. We're hoping for a better next year but are really proud of him for taking on the challenge of moving up into the FASTRAK late model series.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away - On the Dirt Track At Least

Jeremy finally got his dirt track car up and running again.  It almost looked like new.  New tires, a few new parts and everything was ready to go in two weeks.  Then, when he was ready to get on the track, he finished the hot laps, but when it came to the feature at Roaring Knob two weeks ago, it started raining.  It rained too hard so the races had to be canceled for obvious safety reasons.

It's been raining off and on the dirt track lately.  It doesn't rain all week but when race day comes, the dirt track seems to get the brunt of the weather.

Jeremy raced again the following week at Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio.  The season is now over there.  He started 23rd and finished 11th for an outstanding race for him.  He passed some of the regular FASTRAK late model drivers.  Drawing for a better position will really help him.  It just hasn't happened yet, but it will.

He's working with his sponsors to try to get more money to take care of what needs to be done to make his car more competitive.  Dirt track auto racing is expensive, especially when you get into the late model cars.  If you are thinking of taking up dirt track racing, you will want to find out how much money is involved.  If you can get enough money together to get on the track, that's great, but make sure you have enough to stay on the track.  It's worth a try if you really want to get onto the dirt track.  Just make sure you know what you are getting into for the long haul.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Day at Roaring Knob August 28, 2010

After last weeks rain delay, the night's events were canceled.  Jeremy was looking forward to racing again on Saturday, August 28th and making up for the rain day on Sunday, August 29th.  Instead, Jeremy is now looking at some serious repairs as a result of a four car pile up on Saturday.

He did fine in the heat race and started off well keeping up with the group until two cars in front of him spun out and wrecked and another car beside him wrecked forcing him to go under the car in front of him.  

You can see the damage to the front end of the car in these two pictures.  The radiator is bent and leaking and the panels are all damaged.  Some of the other metal is bent and it will stay that way until at least $400 can be found to repair it.  I guess when there is a will, there is a way.  He wants to finish out the racing season so we will see what is in store.

Here is the damage to the front panels of the car.  You can see the radiator in the background.  Jeremy was not injured and neither was anyone else. 

Dirt track auto racing can be fun but a bit dangerous as well.  The cars are built to protect the drivers but not much else.  It was a bad day for Jeremy at Roaring Knob but we are hoping he can make a comeback soon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Joy Employee Fun Night - Great Family Fun Tri-City Speedway Franklin PA August 8, 2010

Dirt Track Auto Racing is fun for the whole family!   Enjoy some of the pics from a great, family fun day at the Tri-City Speedway racetrack. Thank you Joy Mining!

Jeremy's Girls, Alexia and Ava jumping for joy before the Joy sponsored, Tri-City Speedway dirt track auto racing event.

It was a beautiful, hot sunny late afternoon on Sunday August 8th at the Tri-City Speedway as fans filled up the bleachers to watch their favorite dirt track auto racers.  It was Joy Family Fun night and Jeremy Zufall's Late Model FASTRAK car, wrapped in Joy Mining's theme, was on display before the races for anyone who wanted a close up view of a race car.  Jeremy and family handed out T-Shirts and Frisbees, compliments of Joy Mining

(You can click on the pics to make them larger.)

Jeremy's Late Model Fastrak

Jeremy "clowing around" before the hot laps. 
Mr. Clown gave the big and little kids rides on his motorcycle throughout the evening.

Jeremy's loyal pit crew. Uncle Dale, Dad Jim, Cousin Ashley.

Jeremy's three beautiful girls, Sara, Ava, Alexia

A few more of Jeremy's family who came to watch him.  Daughter Alexia, Mom Tammy, wife Sara, daughter Ava, Grandma Donna, Aunt Tina, Uncle Dale

Joy Mining Machinery is one of Jeremy's sponsors.  Jason Hagg who is Supervisor of Graphic Production for Joy had Jeremy's late model wrapped in a coal theme.  These are Jason's two handsome boys.

More Joy Racing Fans!

This is a picture of the Tri-City Speedway before the events started.  The fans were just coming in to watch some great dirt track auto races.

Right Side View of Tri City Dirt Track

Tri City's dirt track is a well maintained, wide oval track which allows a little bit more room for passing than some of the other smaller dirt tracks. 

Left Side View of Tri City Dirt Track

The night was well organized and  was great fun for the kids too. Racing on the track was the Joy sponsored car driven by Jeremy Zufall, the Engles Trucking Services DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds, 4 Your Car Connection FASTRAK Late Models, Welding Technologies/Shaw Industries E Mods, E.F. Rogers Plumbing & Heating Pro Stocks, and Horn's Collision Repair Center Mini Stocks. 

Jeremy's Mom Video Taping Jeremy's Heat Race While
Pit Crew Member Uncle Dale Looks On

For the kids they had a two big yellow school bus race and kids bike races that were sponsored by McDonald's Kids Night at the track. The Lowry Auto Wrecking Demo Derby concluded the night on the dirt track.

Too much excitement for Jeremy's daughter Alexia.  
The nights can be long for the kids with events ending even around
midnight depending on how the night goes.

This was Jeremy's first time on the Tri-City speedway track.  He was able to get a feel for the track during the hot laps and then in the heat races.  The hot laps allow the drivers to test out their cars to see how they will run on the dirt track.  When a driver has never driven on a particular track, s/he will need to make appropriate adjustments to their cars to make them run efficiently on the track.  This has to be done for each individual dirt track because the tracks have different conditions every time. 

As you will see in the short video clip below, Jeremy in #20, started near the back of the pack and in the feature event, finished 14th out of 18 drivers. 

For him, this day wasn't so much about knowing he even had a chance to win the race as getting used to a new track and finishing the best he could without any major problems.  Here is a short video of Jeremy's heat race.  (Sorry for the poor quality.  We'll get a better one on here soon.)  This is just to give you some idea of the sights and sounds of a Fastrak late model race.  Jeremy's car is #20.  He started fourth from the last in the heat race and finished third from the last by a nose.  He also had a flat tire during the last lap of the heat race which obviously slowed him down.

Video of Jeremy's heat race.  Jeremy's car is #20.  Turn up your speaker volume to get some idea of the sights and sounds on the dirt track.

My commentary:  Based on his past performances in a variety of dirt track auto racing classes where getting first place was a routine event, I fully expect some day to write a blog post telling everyone that Jeremy finished first in the feature for his Fastrak late model. 

It can get discouraging week after week for the drivers and the families when there are problems with the cars, poor dirt track conditions because of the weather, and unforseen events that happen during the race.  The key though is to remember why you are even in the race to begin with.  It can't be for money all the time so it must be for love of the sport.

When you don't meet your goals, tough it out and don't give up.  There can only be one first place winner.  Each driver has to set his/her own goals and everytime that goal is met, set a new and higher standard until that goal is reached and so on. 

It was evident that this night at the dirt track at Tri-City was just as much about family fun as well as making good money for some of the top winners.  There were family members rooting on their favorite driver.  The kids were getting treats and participating in their own races.  Everyone likes the excitement of the event and everyone knows there can only be one winner. 

Everyone who is serious does try their best.  Some drivers have the advantage over others because they have more money or more driving skill because they have been competing in their class for a longer time.  When money is tight, those drivers do as much as they can with what they have.  They try to win and when they don't do as well as expected, they are disappointed.  They don't quit though because they love the sport.  Their families are still there supporting them no matter what the outcome. 

The goal for just about every driver is to see that first place spot some day, but that takes practice, time, money, a fine tuned car, great tires, and the perseverence to continue on, even when all you see for awhile is the dirt flying in your eyes for many races before you reach your ultimate goal.

With this being said, if you have the desire to get on the track and you do come in last, pick yourself back up and try again.  Just as there is only one first place winner, someone has to come in last. Everyone realizes that you have to start at the bottom to get to the top.  So find yourself a dirt track car, modify it and get on the track and have some fun.  That's what dirt track auto racing is all about.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jeremy's Fastrak Late Model Honor's Deceased Coal Miners

Dirt track auto racing is all about family for most of the racers who participate.  On Thursday, July 15, 2010, the Mount Pleasant Journal, a local community newspaper did an article about the Zufall family and how they are honoring the miners who died at the Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, WV.

Joy Mining Machinery is one of Jeremy's sponsors and Jason Hagg, who is Supervisor of Graphic Production for Joy, had Jeremy's late model wrapped in a coal theme.  The car gets quite a few second looks everywhere it goes.

Jeremy's family has been in dirt track auto racing for generations.  They are happy to not only display the designs provided to them by Joy, but are happy to have a chance to honor all of the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to produce the coal that we need to make our life here in America so much better.

Dirt Track Auto Racing can run through family generation after generation. 

Jeremy's dad and pap are just a few of the dirt track auto racers in the family - 3 generations shown here.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Disappointing Dirt Track Auto Racing Weather at Roaring Knob

In dirt track auto racing, sometimes the weather just doesn't want to cooperate.  Four weeks ago Jeremy finally got in the top 4 in his heat.  He went two laps and then went wide, but since it had rained and the track recently dried, the outside area around the track had lots of loose dirt.  He started to head back on the track as the caution flag came out but he never made it.  A driver sped up behind him and drove his car into the wall.  The damage was done.  The fuel line was leaking.  He was out of the race.

He stayed out for two weeks in anticipation of racing at his sponsor's hometown track (Joy Mining ).  It was their family day, but it poured down rain and there was no hope of any cars getting on the track.  He sat out the next week waiting to hear from his sponsor because he had put on all new panels in preparation for the family day.  The even was rescheduled for this coming Sunday, August 8, 2010. 

He did race last week but rain had saturated the track as well.  He started 18th and finished 14th.  Nothing to write home about but he still moved up.

It can be extremely frustrating to keep on trying, but the dirt track auto racers who win are the ones who don't give up.  The car looks great and is ready for Joy Mining's family day and the race he will attend there.  We'll hopefully get a few pics and let you know how it goes there. 

Thanks for reading and keeping up with Jeremy and his dirt track auto racing adventures.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures at Roaring Knob Autograph Night

Another great night on the dirt track at Roaring Knob in Markleysburg, PA.  Anyone who has pictures at Roaring Knob from autograph night, July 10th, please feel free to post them in the comments here. 

All of the drivers lined up on the dirt track to give their fans a chance to meet with them and get autographs, pictures and the best part for the kids, lots of candy and other goodies (even a small coconut cream pie for the fans from a local bakery in Markleysburg). 

The sun was beating down and it was in the mid 80 degrees and the weather was perfect for this fun night for families and friends.  The kids were treated to free face painting at the end of the autograph signing.

Post your favorite pictures from Roaring Knob autograph night so we can show the dirt track auto racing world what a fun, family sport this really is.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fantastic July 4th Celebration at Roaring Knob Dirt Track PA

What a night!  It was a perfect night for the dirt track auto races at Roaring Knob in Markleysburg, PA on July 2, 2010. 

Not only were the races exciting, but the Vets and active duty soldiers who have defended and who are defending our country from all of the wars fought were honored before the feature races.  Each Vet gave their name, rank and branch of military that they served in.  It was heartwarming to be able to thank so many who provided the freedom that we have today.

The Classic Cars were great and this was their first time at Roaring Knob.  It was fun to watch these funny looking dirt track cars in this 20 lap race. 

The fireworks were the best I ever remember seeing.  They were comparable to any of the major city fireworks in the PA area.  A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Roaring Knob for a greatly entertaining night.

Now, back to Jeremy and his race of the night.  Jeremy raced in the late model FASTRAK feature.  The FASTRAK cars all have the same engine requirements, so car set up and driver skill play a key role in winning this type of race.

Things can go wrong too.  Mistakes can be made resulting in set backs.  The moral of the story is, most dirt track auto racing tracks will not bend the rules.  If you aren't in your car, ready to go when they call for the line up, you lose big time.  Jeremy had placed 4th for the starting line up in the feature race after winning second in his heat.  Due to an unavoidable problem, Jeremy was 3 seconds late for lining up.  As a result, he went from 4th in line to the end of the line of 22 dirt track cars.  After a futile attempt of arguing with the ref, he went to the back of the line.  Now he was mad as a hornet so to speak which put even more fire in his desire to pass his way up to the front.

In the first two laps of the feature, the first four cars wrecked and spun out.  One returned.  Had Jeremy been in the top four, it's very possible he wouldn't have been able to complete the race. As his mom said, "everything happens for a reason".  The end result was that Jeremy raced his heart out and used his talent and skills to move from last place,  then to 15th place after the wreck, to his finish in 8th place.  He drove aggressively and passed 7 other cars in the 20 lap feature.  Great job Jeremy.

Here's the story from Roaring Knob:

"Shawn Jett of Harrisville, WV earned his career first win in the 20-lap Brooks Automotive Group FASTRAK Late Model feature. Jett battled all race long with good friend Derek Doll before taking the win. Doll was able to get under Jett but could not complete the pass and settle for second. John Over, Troy Shields and Mike Lewis filled out the top five. Sixth through tenth were Billy Stile III, Tim Snare, Jr. (from 13th), Jeremy Zufall (from 15th), Jim Bryce and Ron Smithley. Shields and Stile were the heat winners."

If you missed the dirt track auto race, you missed some great fun and good times.  Perhaps you will make the races soon!  See you on the dirt track.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dog Hollow Dirt Track Auto Race Results for July 2, 2010

Jeremy's class is the Fastrak late models.  He  started out the night at the Dog Hollow Dirt Track Auto race great, making it to second place in the heat race but then spun out because of another driver and wound up back in 6th in his heat.  He was seeded 12th and finished 12th.  He said he didn't drive well after getting off to a good start at the beginning of the night.  It was a clear, beautiful night for racing.  He's racing again today at Roaring Knob.  Fireworks and other surprises will greet all of the fans tonight.  Good luck Jeremy.

Here are the race results for Dog Hollow Dirt Track for the Fasttrak late models.

1. Tim Snare Jr.

2. Joe Moyer

3. Brian Force

4. Troy Sheilds

5. Mike Laughard

6. Ken Herman

7. Bobby Cossell

8. John Eckenrod

9. Mike Hughes

10. Frank Monteparte

11. Shawn Schaltenbrand

12. Jeremy Zufall

13. Sierra Records

14. Chris Knutti

15. Shane Weaver

16. Mylan Markovich

16. Billy Stile

DNS: Joey Valenti

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not Such a Great Night at Roaring Knob

The Saturday night qualifying heat race started out great on Sat June 19th.  Jeremy moved his way from near last up to fourth in his heat.  He was to start 8th out of 22 in the feature.  All started well.  He was working his way around the dirt track when he was slammed into and knocked into the side metal railing.  Several other cars were involved in the collision, but after going to the pits, most of them recovered.  Jeremy's crew checked out his car.  It was pretty banged up, but after evaluating it, he went out on the track to try to finish the race.  He made one lap around the track, keeping up with everyone when all of a sudden he pulled off to the right of the track and stopped, triggering another yellow flag.  This time he left the track not to return.

He said that the brakes weren't working right.  He was correct.  When he had a chance to look at his car once he returned home, he found that the brake line was severed and there was other internal damage as well.  He wasn't able to get the parts he needed in time for the next dirt track racing event at Roaring Knob this past Saturday, June 26th, but hopes to be racing this coming Saturday, July 3rd if he can fit it into his work schedule. 

Accidents on the track are costly and disappointing and they are not always caused by the driver whose car is damaged.  The way the rules work though, regardless of who causes the accident, all of the drivers have to move to the back of the line.  It doesn't seem fair, but it must work as these rules have been in place for years.  It was obvious that Jeremy didn't cause his own accident, but the end result made for a bad night at the dirt track for him.

At least the announcer gave his sponsor, Joy Mining a great plug while his crew was looking over his car.  They described the wrap and named the company and gave it a thumbs up.

Hopefully July 3rd will bring a better result.  We know Jeremy has it in him to win.  It's just a matter of time and racing more often. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jeremy Gives It His All At Roaring Knob June 12th UFO Night

Jeremy started 18th in a field of 22 cars and finished 12th.  Not too bad for his third time out.  There were several delays as three cars spun out at different times, but no one was hurt and no one was disqualified.  In the last several laps, Jeremy was able to pass two other cars to finish a respectable 12th place. 

The start of the race was delayed due to rain and the sky looked like it wanted to open up and pour on all of us, but outside of a few sprinkles near the end of all of the races, it was just muggy with a slight chill.  There was a candy toss for the kids and lots of good times with the UFO Super Late Model race.  It was a fun night for family and friends.  Hope to see you on the track.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jeremy's Races His First Race This Year on the Dirt Track At Roaring Knob

Jeremy's late model on the dirt track at Roaring Knob on Saturday, May 29, 2010 where he came in 4th place in a field of 20, pulling the 8th position and moving up 4 spots. 

It was a gorgeous, hot night for the start of the dirt track auto race at Roaring Knob.  Starting in eighth position, Jeremy finished a respectable fourth place out of a total field of twenty.

In a race laden with numerous cautions, Youngwood's Ricky Meglaye led from start to finish to win his third 20-lap Brooks Automotive Group FASTRAK Late Model feature. The final laps saw Dusty Hamrick give Meglaye a challenge only to hold on for a runner-up finish. Rick Strickler was third over Jeremy Zufall (who was making his first start this season) and John Over. Completing the top ten was Tim Snare Jr., Billy Stile III, Mike Lewis, Bobby Cossell and Russell Baird, Jr. Heat winners were Lewis and Over.

Late Model - Feature


Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points

1 - 5M Rick Meglaye Youngwood , Pa 60.00

2 - X Dusty Hamrick Clarksburg , Wv 55.00

3 - 48 Rick Strickler Morgantown , Wv 51.00

4 - 20 Jeremy Zufall Greensburg , Pa 47.00

5 - K2 John Over Uniontown , Pa 45.00

6 - 99T Tim Snare, Jr Huntingdon , Pa 43.00

7 - 51 Billy Stile Iii West Newton, Pa 41.00

8 - 98 Mike Lewis Oakland , Md 39.00

9 - 50C Robert Cossell Iv Connellsville , Pa 37.00

10 - 17 Russell Baird, Jr. Uniontown , Pa 35.00

11 - 5 Greg Tressler Swanton , Md 33.00

12 - 96 Ray Johnson Lake Lynn, Pa 31.00

13 - 30 Jim Bryce Pittsburgh , Pa 29.00

14 - 92 Jayme Beck Jeannette , Pa 27.00

15 - 8 Andy Spooner Cassville , Wv 26.00

16 - 7X Gary May Mannington , Wv 25.00

17 - 21B Scott Beitzel Oakland , Md 24.00

18 - 53 Kirby Tucker Loretta , Pa 23.00

19 - 88 Garry Sisson Uniontown , Pa 22.00

20 - 1JG Josh Gordon Keyser , Wv 0.00

Jeremy's Dirt Track Racing Schedule 2010


May 22 -- 5 Division Action Racing & E-Mod Make-up Feature from April 24 - Kid's Bike Races
 May 29 -- 5 Division Action Racing & Super Late Model Make-up Feature from April 24

June 5 -- 5 Division Action Racing - 2nd Shoot-Out Roaring Knob vs. Bedford (Super Lates) - Tornados Night / Ryan Newman Show Car on Display

June 12 -- "UFo Laurel Highlander" - UFo Super Late Model Championship (King of the Knob Point Series Qualifier, Race #1) 38 Laps - $2,500 to win! & other 4 Divisions

June 13 (Sun.) -- (Rain Date for June 12 - Start Time 1 hour earlier)

June 19 -- 4 Division Action Racing (No Super Late Models) - 2nd Shoot-Out Roaring Knob vs. Dog Hollow (FASTRAK)

June 20 Tri City Speedway 4-Star Racing and Mini Stocks/Non-Point Event for FASTRAK Late Models (T.J. Car Care & Best Car Care Night)

June 26 Hesston Speedway LLM, CL, SS, HS, MS

July 3 -- 5 Division Action Racing / Classic Cars plus Holiday Fireworks

July 10 -- Twin 12's for Modifieds & other 4 Divisions

July 17 -- "UFo Supernational Road" - UFo Super Late Model Championship (King of the Knob Point Series Qualifier, Race #2) 40 Laps - $3,000 to win! & other 4 Divisions

July 25 Tri City Speedway 4-Star Racing/Lowry Auto Wrecking Demo Derby (Joy Employee Fund Night)


July 31 -- Twin 10's for Street Stocks & other 4 Divisions

Aug. 14 -- 5 Division Action Racing - Ladies Powder Puff (Chargers & Street Stocks) & Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Night

Aug. 21 -- Twin 10's for Chargers & Other 4 Divisions - 3rd Shoot-Out Roaring Knob vs. Elkins sponsored by Tri-City Electric/Fairmont WV (Super Lates / FASTRAK / Modifieds)

Aug 28 Hesston Speedway LLM, 305's, CL, SS, HS, MS

SEPT 3 Dog Hollow Speedway TRICO WELDING TROPHY NIGHT-3rd Shoot-Out Dog Hollow vs. Roaring Knob (FASTRAK)--TOP DOG POINT RACES

Sept. 4 -- 5 Division Action Racing - 3rd Shoot-Out Roaring Knob vs. Dog Hollow (FASTRAK) plus Holiday Fireworks

Sept. 5 (Sun.) -- 4th DEMO DERBY sponsored by Sprout's Pick-A-Part - Double Points plus 4-Cylinder Factory Stocks, 40-lap Feature - Gates Open Noon, Start Time 2:00pm

Sept. 11 -- "UFo King of the Knob" UFo Super Late Model Championship, Area 51-laps - $5,000 to Win, plus other 4 Divisions

Sept. 12 (Sun.) -- (Rain Date for King of the Knob)

Oct. 7 (Thurs.) -- OPEN PRACTICE for Fall Fest

Oct. 8 (Fri.) -- "The UFo Ultimate" - UFo Super Late Model Qualifying Heats. "Spectacular FallFest Championships" for FASTRAK Pro-Lates Northeast Tour (heats) and other divisions TBA.

Oct. 9 (Sat.) -- "The UFo Ultimate" Super Lates ~ $7000 to Win plus B-Features. "Spectacular FallFest Championships" for FASTRAK Pro-Lates Northeast Tour ~$2000 to Win (feature and consolations) and other divisions TBA.

Oct 21-23 Lernerville Speedway DIRTcar Round Up Steel City Stampede 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dirt Track Auto Racing Wants You to Save Money on Your Tires from Tire Rack

We at dirt track auto racing have partnered up with Tire Rack to provide you with information on how you can save money on your own tires. Click on any banner to get the details you need about the tires offered. If you have questions, Tire Rack offers a toll free phone number for you to call. They are reliable and have some great promotions to offer you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ALL WRAPPED UP! Sponsors on the Dirt Track

Every serious dirt track auto racer needs sponsors to help provide enough money to build their cars, maintain them, and keep them racing. Gas, tires, damaged fenders, trailers, parts and more all come with a cost. That's where the sponsors really help the racers out.

Jeremy has a new sponsor this year that has him all wrapped up with excitement. Joy Mining Company has literally wrapped his car in their logo. Here are a few pics. I hope you can see the details including the coal that is splashed all around the car.
In addition, they have added Jeremy's other sponsors to the final wrap. What a great look! Just the next step in getting ready to roar as the dirt track auto racing season begins.
Come on out and watch Jeremy, #20 bring lots of JOY to his sponsor and his fans. See you in the stands.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dirt Track Auto Racing Season - New Car Making Progress

Jeremy is making progress on his car. Soon, it will be shipped off to his sponsor, Joy Mining, where Joy Mining company will actually wrap his car in their logo (and his other sponsors will be included in that car covering logo as well).

Here is what the car looks like now before the logo. It's on the trailer getting ready to be shipped out to the sponsor. Jeremy's made great progress in a short period of time, but still needs more sponsors to get the car on the track soon.

Enjoy the pics and thanks for visiting our dirt track auto racing blog.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jeremy Continues to Build His Late Model Dirt Track Car

Here's to making progress. By day, the first picture shows that Jeremy has made some progress since the pic in our last blog. He is slowly building the frame for his late model dirt track car.

It's dark outside. The garage is dimly lit too, but the work must go on to complete the car. You can see some added metal to the car in this picture.

Remember, this is a process.

The dirt track cars have to be built from the ground up in many cases and in pieces. If you have the money to purchase one that is ready to go, by all means, do it. If not, you buy the parts and you build your own.

It's a lot of work, but when the finished product comes together, it's something to be proud of. When you go to the track you will see dirt track auto racers who have it all. They have the beautiful huge trailers to pull their cars. They have the best looking cars and lots of parts waiting in the wings to replace anything that is damaged. But what you see here is how many dirt track racers get their starts. They do it themselves. In Jeremy's case, he has an amazing family and some very loyal friends that come together to help him get the cars together.

If you want to race, make sure you set aside some time and money because you will need both. The reward? Sitting on the dirt track just waiting for the heat race to begin, hearing the roar of the engines, and eventually, being the one who crosses that finish line first!

We're Back. Building the New Dirt Track Auto Racing Late Model

Jeremy's latest Dirt Track Late Model is in the garage and is being built. Progress is being made. After a few weeks (and working many hours on his own job) with the help of some family members and good friends, the car is making progress.

We're back in business. Over the past several months Jeremy has sold his old dirt track late model (the blue one) and is now in the process of building his new late model.
He has also picked up a few sponsors to help him get started this year. He can always use new sponsors and as we all know, just because the economy is down, advertising doesn't stop.
Here is a picture of the newest late model a few weeks after he purchased it. I'll keep adding more pics throughout the next few weeks to get this blog up to speed again. With working so many days and trying to get everything done, we've gotten a bit behind. Besides, there really wasn't too much new to tell. Now that the season is upon us, things will change! Enjoy.

Joy Mining Machinery

East Coast Speed

RPM Racing News
Repp Racing Engines
Target Zero Dana Mining

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models