Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ALL WRAPPED UP! Sponsors on the Dirt Track

Every serious dirt track auto racer needs sponsors to help provide enough money to build their cars, maintain them, and keep them racing. Gas, tires, damaged fenders, trailers, parts and more all come with a cost. That's where the sponsors really help the racers out.

Jeremy has a new sponsor this year that has him all wrapped up with excitement. Joy Mining Company has literally wrapped his car in their logo. Here are a few pics. I hope you can see the details including the coal that is splashed all around the car.
In addition, they have added Jeremy's other sponsors to the final wrap. What a great look! Just the next step in getting ready to roar as the dirt track auto racing season begins.
Come on out and watch Jeremy, #20 bring lots of JOY to his sponsor and his fans. See you in the stands.

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