Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Friday, October 25, 2013

End of Dirt Track Racing Season at Roaring Knob October 18 2013

Jeremy ended his season with an 18th place finish in the final Feature Race at Roaring Knob.  His goal this coming year is to work on finding someone to help him set up his car to optimize his race efforts between the heat races and feature.

He also brought a lot of "Joy" to the kids Wednesday night program at Word of Life Church in Greensburg PA.  He and his Uncle Dale brought the #20 car to the church, allowed about 90 kids to take a closer look at what a dirt track Late Model car looks like in person, and handed out Dirt Track T-Shirts, compliments of Joy Global.

The kids had a great time, had their pictures taken, and now have an idea of how much fun dirt track auto racing can be.

Have a great winter and for those who are still racing who live in the more moderate climates, have a great year.

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