Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing Season Has Begun

Jeremy's Dirt Track Auto Racing Modified Car

Jeremy is back on the track after the birth of his daughter, Ava. Ava was recently quoted as saying, "ah goo, a goo goo" as she watched her daddy get ready for his first dirt track auto race of the season.

Jeremy is still looking to build a new car of his own after blowing up his engine last year.

He most recently drove his dad's car (as seen above as formerly Jeremy's car) and then his uncle's car at a dirt track racing event in Maryland where he finished 6th / 24 cars. He did well considering he was at the back of the pack when he started.

Dirt track auto racing costs alot of money for parts and rebuilding so, in light of the fact that he now has three beautiful girls to take care of, he is focused on driving stock cars for other people until he can get his car finished.

More races are coming up and we will provide you with more specific details. Everyone has been so busy taking care of the newest Zufall that the blog has gotten behind. That's ok though because we will catch up shortly and give you the scoop on what is going on in the dirt track auto racing world in Latrobe, PA.

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