Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

What Dirt Track Auto Racing and Golf Have In Common

The best dirt track auto racers in the world are great because they have the skills necessary to maneuver around dirt tracks that present a variety of conditions caused by the natural formation of the track and the weather they are experiencing at the moment.  The other important factor is the condition of their dirt track auto racing vehicle.  If their Fastrak Late Model is not up to the best standards it can possibly be, the driver is at a definite disadvantage.

Golfing also has that in common.  The golfer must have the basic skills necessary to succeed.  The conditions of the golf course and the weather also play a factor in how the golf professional will play.  In addition, the golfing equipment, ranging from the quality of the golf clubs through the quality of their golf balls will contribute to the success of their golf game. 

While there are certain modifications a dirt track auto racer can make with their modified dirt track car to compete in the field legally, there are also many choices that can be made with golfing equipment.  It is important for the golfer to decide what equipment will serve him or her the best.  One advantage for any golfer is to be able to clearly find a ball that goes off course.  With that in mind, it would be a wise move to purchase some high quality yellow golf balls .  The bright yellow ball is easy to see against the green grass of the course and even in the sand, should that be the unfortunate landing place of the golfer's shot.

Dirt track auto racing and golfing require the best drivers and the best equipment to achieve the goals they have set to win their respective games.  Keep this in mind when planning your next event.

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