Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Mike and Molly

Contributed by Rupert Carey

Mike and Molly is a newer show that has recently started coming on and has earned a lot of great reviews. I saw it on my Direct TV Henderson   the other night and decided to watch. Here is what I learned. The lead character Molly is an overweight woman who is still living at her parent’s house where she grew up. She is engaged to Mike who is an overweight police officer. They are going through the typical struggles that a guy and a girl go through when they get engaged. The girl wants to do everything wedding right away and the guy thinks that he bought the ring and doesn’t have to do anything else until the day of the wedding. Mike is finding out that he is wrong in that thinking and Molly is not going to let that fly. She wants him to be involved with all of the planning from start to finish so that the wedding can be “theirs” and not just “hers.” It is a sweet story about two people who found each other a little later in life and have decided to spend their lives together.

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