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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Baby Ava on the Way

Dirt Track Auto Racing Beauties

In my last dirt track auto racing blog I promised I would introduce you to baby Ava. Well, meet beautiful mom and wife, Sara and baby Ava who is already kicking her way to future fame, causing joy, but causing heartburn and pains too! Mom is looking pretty darn good for being 8 months pregnant.

Meet Jeremy's daughter, beautiful 5 year old Alexia, who was also Jeremy's first spokesmodel (you can see here video by clicking here) and going to the dirt track auto racing website.
Dirt Track Auto Racing Beauties

We don't know if baby Ava will be a dirt track racer like her dad, but we do know that she is already feisty and ready to go even though she still has a month left before she greets her new world.

Alexia will be starting kindergarten this fall and she is anxiously awaiting Ava's arrival. You may remember Alexia from the website where she introduces Jeremy's dirt track auto racing website to the world. Alexia was four when she made the video and is looking forward to making another one real soon.

So now you've met the immediate Zufall family. Soon you will get to meet Ava (we'll post her pic as soon as she lets us).
Thanks for visiting and we hope you and your families will become one of Jeremy's biggest dirt track auto racing fans.
This is a bit off the subject, but I found a really wierd site while reading AOL this morning. It covers alot of topics and it is called boingboing.net It's kind of a crazy site and I think it is named boing boing because just about every topic imaginable is displayed there. Not all of it is suitable for kids though but there are some weird and interesting things on it. You might want to take a look there as well, but don't forget to come back again and visit our dirt track auto racing blog!

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Meet Jeremy Zufall

Getting Ready for a New Dirt Track Auto Racing Season

We were finally able to get a picture of Jeremy so you can see who we are writing about. Here he is with a big smile on his face. Why does he have a big smile on his face? All you have to do is mention dirt track racing to him and that will do it.

Jeremy has another reason to smile though. . . his daughter AVA is on her way. She is due at the end of August and Jeremy is having trouble deciding whether to put a Pittsburgh Steelers Outfit on her when they bring her home from the hospital or a dirt track racing outfit. I wonder what he'll choose?

I think Jeremy was really hoping for a boy so he could teach him how to get down and dirty on the track too, but there is no reason that Ava can't go for the gold too. We may be writing a blog about her in the future!

Watch for my next blog when I will post a picture of Ava to be and her mom. They too are getting ready for a new season of dirt track auto racing.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Want to Sponsor Jeremy For Nascar Truck? Still Racing Dirt Track In the Meantime

Although Jeremy is still participating in dirt track auto racing, he is also now actively seeking sponsors to help him get started driving a Nascar Truck. As you all know, that is a very expensive proposition. It is his dream to get into Nascar and the only way to do it is to raise money.

Sponsorship isn't just a one-way proposition though. Sponsors will be getting national recognition for their participation and even more recognition each time he wins. You can visit his Sponsor House site (which is still under construction) for more information. Thanks again for visiting Jeremy's blog and websites!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing or Nascar Asphalt?

Dirt Track Auto Racing or Nascar Truck on Asphalt -
Which will it be for local dirt track champ Jeremy Zufall?

What a choice. Jeremy's modified is in his garage, waiting for a few more modifications, but essentially ready to go for the season. Here it is in progress.
But now, Jeremy is pursuing his new career with a vengence. He is preparing his resume, his press release, doing research and getting ready to find sponsors. The Nascar Truck bug has bit him and he's got the fever.
You can support Jeremy by checking out his sponsor house website by clicking here. Jeremy needs sponsors as Nascar Truck racing is even more expensive then dirt track auto racing. If you want a talented guy to advertise your business and win a few races on your behalf, then please contact Jeremy asap.

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models