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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing or Nascar Asphalt?

Dirt Track Auto Racing or Nascar Truck on Asphalt -
Which will it be for local dirt track champ Jeremy Zufall?

What a choice. Jeremy's modified is in his garage, waiting for a few more modifications, but essentially ready to go for the season. Here it is in progress.
But now, Jeremy is pursuing his new career with a vengence. He is preparing his resume, his press release, doing research and getting ready to find sponsors. The Nascar Truck bug has bit him and he's got the fever.
You can support Jeremy by checking out his sponsor house website by clicking here. Jeremy needs sponsors as Nascar Truck racing is even more expensive then dirt track auto racing. If you want a talented guy to advertise your business and win a few races on your behalf, then please contact Jeremy asap.

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65kdawg said...

if you race at the kentucky speed way in nascar trucks i going see if can go and watch you

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