Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Meet Jeremy Zufall

Getting Ready for a New Dirt Track Auto Racing Season

We were finally able to get a picture of Jeremy so you can see who we are writing about. Here he is with a big smile on his face. Why does he have a big smile on his face? All you have to do is mention dirt track racing to him and that will do it.

Jeremy has another reason to smile though. . . his daughter AVA is on her way. She is due at the end of August and Jeremy is having trouble deciding whether to put a Pittsburgh Steelers Outfit on her when they bring her home from the hospital or a dirt track racing outfit. I wonder what he'll choose?

I think Jeremy was really hoping for a boy so he could teach him how to get down and dirty on the track too, but there is no reason that Ava can't go for the gold too. We may be writing a blog about her in the future!

Watch for my next blog when I will post a picture of Ava to be and her mom. They too are getting ready for a new season of dirt track auto racing.

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