Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Monday, May 28, 2012

Race Results from Dog Hollow Friday May 25 2011 Jeremy Zufall

Jeremy Zufall lead for 14 laps but with so many start and stop cautions, and quite a few "friendly" bumps from his competitors, he was edged out in the end.  He kept his own and was up with the regular winners the whole race at one time even being several car lengths ahead.   His own video is uploaded on the side wall.  Enjoy.  

STOYSTOWN AUTO WRECKERS FASTRAK Late Models (19): Andrew Satterlee, Rich Logan, Joe Martin, Jeremy Zufall, Rick Singleton, Joe Moyer, Dave Padula, John Mazey, Ken Herman, Jason Mullen, WL Stile, Josh Valenti, Ed Kline, Mike Laughard, Bernie Whiteford, Tim Snare, Jr., John Eckenrod, Wes McKeel, DNS: Joe Petyak,. Heats: Satterlee, Eckenrod.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

When Dirt Track Winning Gets Dirty - A Commentary

Dirt track auto racing is fun for family and friends, but it is downright competitive and at times, downright dirty for the drivers themselves.

Last week's race results at Dog Hollow were as follows:  STOYSTOWN AUTO WRECKERS FASTRAK Late Models (22): Andrew Satterlee, Joe Martin, Dan Angelicchio, Joe Moyer, Tim Snare, Jr., Rich Logan, Jeremy Zufall, Joe Petyak, John Eckenrod, Brad Kling, Dave Padula, Jeremy Shaffer, Shane Weaver, John Mazey, Ed Kline, Mike Laughard, Josh Valenti, Wes McKeel, WL Stile, Scott Fitch, DNS: Andrew Wylie. Heats: Moyer, Angelicchio, Martin.

As you can see, Jeremy Zufall came in 7th.  He had moved from the middle of the pack starting at 13 due to a mediocre pill pull.

This week's race was different.  Jeremy pulled for 4th place in the Feature.  This was his big break by actually getting to start near the front of this regularly crowded field of dirt track auto racers.  It took him less than a few laps to pass his top three opponents, all solid, experienced dirt track racers, and maintain the lead during the majority of the race, at times, even being two to three full car lengths ahead of his competitors through numerous start and stop cautions.  At the last caution, a red flag, with only a few laps to go, Jeremy lost the lead, but not because he should have.  You can't win them all, right?  It is my opinion that Jeremy won this race but lost due to the unsportsmanlike conduct of  competitors who felt a win was justified at all costs, even if it was by using "down and dirty" methods.

The Fastrak cars who win their races or finish at the top are always under great pressure to win again the next week. Jeremy kept last weeks winning drivers in the dust and dirt during the the majority of the feature race, but at a price. The bumping, which occurred many times during the 20 lap race was just so obvious.  I thought there were rules to cover that kind of conduct, so why weren't they enforced?  During the last few laps, I was told that his car was bumped so hard that it knocked the steering wheel out of his hand, causing him to lose some control, which he regained, but not in enough time.  As a result, in the last four laps, he went from being first virtually the entire feature, and at times, several car lengths ahead, back to his original starting position of fourth place.

I know there are many factors involved in winning a dirt track race, but his fans had a reason to be hopeful.  Jeremy is an excellent driver and he proved it last night on the dirt track at Dog Hollow Speedway.  Winning by unsportsmenlike conduct isn't really a win at all.  When a driver can't win simply because they are good enough, and they have to resort to this type of conduct, what signal does that send to future wannabee dirt track racers and to the fans?  When threatened with a loss, apparently anything goes on the down, and in this case, truly dirty, dirt track. 

Jeremy will be back again.  When he pulls the pills for the front spots on the track, watch out because he is going to get his break again. He deserves it.

Jeremy was and still is, in our eyes, the true winner of this race on this Friday night, May 25th at Dog Hollow.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Beautiful Evening At Dog Hollow for Dirt Track Auto Racing

IT IS A GORGEOUS SPRING NIGHT The fans are anticipating a fun night with their favorite dirt track drivers on the track. We are here to cheer on Jeremy Zufall. Results to follow next week. See you on the dirt track.
Jeremy's best racing fan!

Also, we just posted a video of the dirt that is kicked up by the late models and super late model racing cars. It looks like the Phoenix AZ dust storm this past year, well, not quite, but close.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Jeremy Zufall Dirt Track Race Results Roaring Knob Sat May 5 2012

RAINED OUT!  Spring is here for the dirt track auto racers.  One BIG, black storm cloud decided to hang right over Roaring Knob (near Ohio Pyle) and then dump a load of rain onto the track and onto the unhappy dirt track racers and crowd.  All the heat races were complete and then one feature race was completed but then they called it a night.  No rain checks though.
The results from Saturday, May 5 at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex... Jeremy started 6th in the Heat race after a bad pill draw in the Hot laps but made a nice recovery with a 4th place finish! The Feature was rained out and the make up features will take place over the next few weeks.   Jeremy's dad Jim Zufall also raced.  He spent most of the race with mud covering his faceplate.  Not the place you want to be in on the dirt track, that's for sure.   
It's a fun night out for the whole family.  See you on the dirt track, hopefully the next time the sun shines.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Camera View From Inside Dirt Track Auto Racing Fastrak Car

This is so great.  Experience the drive along with Jeremy Zufall as he races around the dirt track.  There is a tiny camera mounted in his car.  This was posted courtesy of Joy Mining, his sponsor.  Enjoy!

You can see the video posted on the sidewalls of the blog as Blogger couldn't upload it on this post.

Come on out and see the dirt track auto racing in person.  It's a great fun night for your family!

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models