Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are You a Dirt Track Auto Racer Who Loves Motorcycles?

Are any of you dirt track auto racing fans motorcycle lovers?  If you are, you know that just like your favorite dirt track car or dirt bike, motorcycles take quite a bit of maintenance to keep them up and running in the most efficient way possible.  It's very important to take care of these vehicles because it is even more costly to allow them to break down completely.

Preventative maintenance is the first step in avoiding costly repairs.  It's not hard and you don't even need to write any of the steps down once you go through the process a few times.

1.  A very simple step is to keep your bike clean.  Just take a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth and wipe off the dust on a regular basis.  If your bike is really dirty, give it a bike bath.  Wipe it down with water or use a mild cleaning solution made specifically for vehicles.  If you keep your bike clean, it will perform better.  Polish it once or twice a month to give it a little bit more love. 

2.  Like a fine dirt track modified car, you need to check your oil levels.  Make sure your bike is parked.  Check the levels and watch for a change in oil color and fluidity.  Take a look around your motorcycle to make sure you have no leaks.

3.  Check your brakes and clutch regularly and change the linings before they are too worn, especially if you have been on a long ride or trip.

4.  Take care of your battery.  Make sure you check your battery terminals and the water levels in the battery.

5.  Make sure your headlights and tail lights are working well.

6.  Check your tire pressure and tire tread.  Remember that when it's hot, the pressure may be off so take that into consideration.

7.  Turn on your bike and let the engine idle.  Listen to it purr.  If it's not purring or sounding like your used to, turn it off after a few minutes and do another double check.  This short time period will send oil throughout the cylinders and pistons so they can work by a well oiled machine. 

8.  Repair or replace any motorcycle parts that are broken, immediately.

9.  Continue on a regular maintenance plan for the best results regardless of whether you drive a dirt track car, a dirt bike, or a motorcycle. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poker Run Cystic Fibrosis Fund Raiser and Dirt Track Fastrak Late Model on Display

Every year Jeremy's family heads up a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  One of Jeremy's uncles passed away at a very young age from this terrible disease.  As a result, the family gets together to raise money for this great cause.  

This year, Jeremy was able to put his Late Model Fastrak Series car on display for the enjoyment of those who came to participate in the poker run.  Every year the fundraiser is held in a different location and can be a different fundraising event from ice cream to bowling to the poker run events.

Sara (Jeremy's beautiful wife) and Jeremy's Fastrak Late Model Dirt Track Car

Jeremy Zufall proudly displays his Fastrak Late Model at the Poker Run Fundraiser

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tri City Dirt Track Auto Racing Event Sponsored by Joy Rained Out Last Night

It was a beautiful, hot, very hot day and things were looking up for a great race at Tri City Dirt Track Auto Racing Joy sponsored event, but the weather turned for the worse.  The storm came out of nowhere right up through Butler PA and onto the race track.  The lightning was fierce and the rain came down in buckets.  We were hoping it was only going to be a scattered thunderstorm lasting only a few minutes, but that was not to be.  

This was Jeremy's newly wrapped car after the wreck demolished the front end and bent the frame in his last race at Dog Hollow Dirt Track two weeks ago.  Great job Joy.

Two of Joy Mining's Sponsored Dirt Track Vehicles - Fastrak Late Model and  Nascar Truck
Nascar camping world truck driven by Josh Richards and owned by Kyle Busch Motorsports (KBM)

The pre-race events for the Joy drivers consisted of a tour of the Joy plant, a nice lunch, pictures of all of the dirt track cars and their Nascar truck, and then off to the track.  Everyone was excited.  Many drove a long way to participate.  Some took off work.  It happens.  Although it was a disappointment this time, hopefully there will be another Joy sponsored dirt track race in the near future.  Thanks for trying Joy!  

Same dirt track car and truck, different view

Joy's Dirt Track Sponsored car and truck, different view

Hopefully you will be able to see these vehicles again on another Joy sponsored dirt track auto racing event in the near future.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dirt Track Auto Racers - Need Auto Body Collision Work Done in San Francisco?

Dirt Track Auto Racers - Need Auto Body Collision Work Done in San Francisco?

Two weeks ago, Jeremy pretty much demolished his Fastrak Late Model due to a careless driver who re-entered the dirt track into fast racing traffic, apparently without even looking.  The end result, Jeremy's entire front end was crushed, his frame was bent, and he was knocked out of the race and lost his points.  There was no way he could have stopped.

Accidents happen in every day life as well.  If you are a dirt track auto racing fan, or even a dirt track auto racer who needs a bit of help fixing up your damaged race car after an intense race, there is a company in San Francisco, Spectrum Auto, who is ready and willing to help restore your car back into tip top shape. 

Now we know that dirt track auto racing cars are not covered under insurance, (they will still work with you to help you with repairs that are not covered as well), but the every day vehicle that you drive, when you have full coverage, is.  Spectrum Auto stands out in the San Francisco community.  From a technical standpoint, they are ASE certified,  I-Car Gold Class Certified,  AEM Certified Engine Management Tuner, and their technicians can perform the California State Smog Check Test & Repairs.  They are one of the few shops that work on Hybrid vehicles and they are experts on all of the newest model cars.

Spectrum Auto cares about getting your car back in service as soon as possible.  They will work closely with your insurance company, make rental car arrangements for you, pick you up and drop you off, and best of all, they will guarantee your repairs by providing you with a lifetime warranty.  This is a great package deal that will get you up and running quickly.  Even if you don't have full coverage, they will work with you to help you get your car repaired in the best way possible, at a fair and reasonable price.  It's well worth checking them out if you live in or near the San Francisco California area.

Also, if you are looking for dirt tracks near San Francisco, you will want to check out the Chucko.com page for information on Sprint Car racing tracks in the USA and California.  The page is filled with helpful information on the location, size and requirements of a variety of tracks.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disappointing Night At Dog Hollow Dirt Track for Jeremy Zufall and His Late Model Fastrak

It was just one of those nights you did not want to have on the dirt track.  Everything started out well.  The heat race went well and Jeremy finished fourth in his heat.  The track was a bit dusty and there were a few pits and several cars flew off the side of the track, but Jeremy held his own.

The feature race was another story in itself.  After completing one lap, a car that flew off the side, re-entered the track.  Jeremy was rounding the track at top speed when the car pulled from the side of the track right in front of him sideways!  Jeremy had NO chance to stop.  He smashed full force into the side of the white Fastrak car and did major body damage to his own late model.  The guy who caused the accident went on to finish the race.  That was the first time we had seen him on the track.

He's not sure if the frame is bent on his car or not, but much of the body needs replaced as it was badly damaged.  Jeremy tried to continue the race but the front end of the car kept dragging on the track and finally the car just veered off to the side out of control.  He had no choice but to give up and call it a night.

Dirt track auto racing sure has it's ups and downs, but it's always a shame when another driver, due to a careless act, causes an accident.  It happened more than once this past Sunday at Dog Hollow, but Jeremy definitely got the short end of the stick.  Jeremy was 5th in points overall but being unable to finish the race knocked him back down again.  

Now it's time to rebuild the late model to get it ready for the Joy Feature race in two weeks.  More money, more work, and hardly enough time while working many hours on his job.  He'll get it done with his dad and uncle's help, but it isn't going to be easy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey Dirt Track Auto Racing Fans! Now You Can Study Online Before You Take Your Written Driver's Test!

There are lots of dirt track auto racing fans who are our readers who still need to get their driver's licenses.  Before you can even consider doing that, you will need to pass a driver's test in your own state.  That can be a real task for most people.  You'd be surprised at how many prospective drivers actually fail their first written exam.  It's frustrating, embarrassing, costly and inconvenient.  It doesn't have to be though.

Now, there is a website that offers preparation cheat sheets for the california dmv test  and for just about every other state in the USA.  In addition to helping you study and giving you sample tests for  the DMV, they also offer the motorcycle, recreational vehicle and commercial vehicle cheat sheet tests as well in many of the US states.

The cheat sheets are actually study guides that prepare you with test questions that would be similar to those questions asked by the DMV in your own state.  For those of you who are prospective drivers and think that the written tests are easily passable, you may want to think again.  Getting a study guide is similar to purchasing Cliff Notes before a test.  With these cheat sheets, however, any prospective dirt track fan can study up before taking their test, take a sample test with the rules and regulations for their own state, and be guaranteed to pass the first time!   That's great news.

Today, many attend college and even high school online.  Study course are available in just about anything and everything.  Now you even have the option to take sample drivers tests online so when you encounter the real thing, you will pass the first time and be on the road in no time at all.  So check out the link to the california dmv test which will take you to all of the other participating USA states.

See you on the dirt track!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Jeremy Zufall Dirt Track Race Results Dog Hollow Raceway July 1, 2011

Jeremy Zufall race results from 7-1-11 at Dog Hollow Raceway are:  He finished 3rd in the heat race and 5th out of 23 cars in the feature.  
Jeremy is holding his own against veteran racers and drivers who have all won feature races.  His Fastrak Late Model is performing well thanks to the help from his dad, his uncle Dale, his uncle Jim, and his friend Repp (Repp Racing Engines).  
Of course his mom is his videographer and his family and friends are his best and most loyal fans.  
Here are some new pics of Jeremy racing at Dog Hollow.

Late Model Fastrak - Dog Hollow Dirt Track Raceway

Friday, July 01, 2011

Beautiful Night for Dirt Track Auto Racing at Dog Hollow Speedway

Hey dirt track auto racing fans. . . It's a beautiful day in Western PA and a perfect night to watch Jeremy Zufall race his Fastrak Late Model at Dog Hollow Speedway.  It's not that hard to find.  It's out in the boondocks, but after you make it the first time even using Mapquest, it will be very easy to get to the next time.  There are very few turns.

The address is:

152 Hamill Road
Northern Cambria, PA 15714
(814) 948-6812
They do have a concession stand that offers hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks, fries, candy, 
and other assorted goodies.  You can sit in the bleachers but beware, they are a bit worn.  
You can bring your own chair or seat pad which many people do.  They do have bathrooms, 
but you may want to bring an extra roll of toilet paper as they do seem to run out fairly quickly.
The bathrooms are acceptable, but don't expect anything fancy.  The track is well kept for the 
drivers and the setting is very pretty as you look toward the track. 

They start the night off with a prayer and the National Anthem and then the races begin.

Since you're there to see the guys and girls race so who cares about first class amenities, 

So pack up your stuff and see you at the dirt track!

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models