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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dirt Track Auto Racers - Need Auto Body Collision Work Done in San Francisco?

Dirt Track Auto Racers - Need Auto Body Collision Work Done in San Francisco?

Two weeks ago, Jeremy pretty much demolished his Fastrak Late Model due to a careless driver who re-entered the dirt track into fast racing traffic, apparently without even looking.  The end result, Jeremy's entire front end was crushed, his frame was bent, and he was knocked out of the race and lost his points.  There was no way he could have stopped.

Accidents happen in every day life as well.  If you are a dirt track auto racing fan, or even a dirt track auto racer who needs a bit of help fixing up your damaged race car after an intense race, there is a company in San Francisco, Spectrum Auto, who is ready and willing to help restore your car back into tip top shape. 

Now we know that dirt track auto racing cars are not covered under insurance, (they will still work with you to help you with repairs that are not covered as well), but the every day vehicle that you drive, when you have full coverage, is.  Spectrum Auto stands out in the San Francisco community.  From a technical standpoint, they are ASE certified,  I-Car Gold Class Certified,  AEM Certified Engine Management Tuner, and their technicians can perform the California State Smog Check Test & Repairs.  They are one of the few shops that work on Hybrid vehicles and they are experts on all of the newest model cars.

Spectrum Auto cares about getting your car back in service as soon as possible.  They will work closely with your insurance company, make rental car arrangements for you, pick you up and drop you off, and best of all, they will guarantee your repairs by providing you with a lifetime warranty.  This is a great package deal that will get you up and running quickly.  Even if you don't have full coverage, they will work with you to help you get your car repaired in the best way possible, at a fair and reasonable price.  It's well worth checking them out if you live in or near the San Francisco California area.

Also, if you are looking for dirt tracks near San Francisco, you will want to check out the Chucko.com page for information on Sprint Car racing tracks in the USA and California.  The page is filled with helpful information on the location, size and requirements of a variety of tracks.

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