Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Choosing the Right Equipment is Critical in Winning on the Dirt Track and On the Greens!

Whether you are a professional dirt track auto racer making money traveling around the country or an amateur who races for the love and fun of it, the right equipment, fastrak modified car, and motor make all of the difference in your ability to outrace your competitors.  The same goes for the great sport of golf.  Many dirt track racers also love to golf.  They know how important it is to have the right golf clubs to help them perform their best.  For example, some golfers prefer hybrid golf clubs which can further aid in a better performance.  All dirt track cars are modified to suit each individual driver.  Many great competitors, whether it be in auto racing or in golfing, have a natural ability to win every time but they can't do it without having the right equipment.  This is something to keep in mind the next time you get ready to rev up your dirt track engine or put your best foot forward on the greens.  Natural ability plus the best equipment will help you get more wins each time. 

When it comes to the best golfing equipment, Cleveland Golf online will give you all that you need to outperform your competition.  Whether you stick with traditional clubs designed to fit all sizes of men, women and children, or choose to go with their newest hybrid (all the rage these days), or even want or need custom designed equipment, Cleveland Golf will give you excellent advice.  They offer a wide range of products on their website so along with great customer service.

It's going to be a good year so get started right on the dirt track and then on the greens by choosing the best equipment possible to give you the winning advantage. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dirt Track Auto Racing Season is Coming Up - Will Jeremy Race?

Dirt track auto racing season is shortly upon us in Western PA.  Jeremy is taking the first steps to get his late model fastrak series car ready, but it takes lots of money to accomplish this goal.  His car has been tucked away at the end of his garage all winter and is just screaming for attention.  Joy appears to be wanting to sponsor him again which is great, but the more sponsors the better. 

If you have a small business and you'd like to be advertised on Jeremy's car, let us know through the comments and we will get in touch with you.  We are hoping that he will be on the track this year soon.

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models