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Friday, October 26, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing Season Has Begun

Jeremy's Dirt Track Auto Racing Modified Car

Jeremy is back on the track after the birth of his daughter, Ava. Ava was recently quoted as saying, "ah goo, a goo goo" as she watched her daddy get ready for his first dirt track auto race of the season.

Jeremy is still looking to build a new car of his own after blowing up his engine last year.

He most recently drove his dad's car (as seen above as formerly Jeremy's car) and then his uncle's car at a dirt track racing event in Maryland where he finished 6th / 24 cars. He did well considering he was at the back of the pack when he started.

Dirt track auto racing costs alot of money for parts and rebuilding so, in light of the fact that he now has three beautiful girls to take care of, he is focused on driving stock cars for other people until he can get his car finished.

More races are coming up and we will provide you with more specific details. Everyone has been so busy taking care of the newest Zufall that the blog has gotten behind. That's ok though because we will catch up shortly and give you the scoop on what is going on in the dirt track auto racing world in Latrobe, PA.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Dirt Track Racing News Flash!


We are proud to announce the newest member of Jeremy's dirt track racing team. Here is baby Ava Christine with proud daddy smiling up a storm. She is a week and a half old and mom, dad, sister and baby are doing great. (of course all of the grandmas are very proud too).

Here is just one of her thousands of pictures.

The blog statistics say that people don't want to know about your family. . . they just want to know about "what's in it for me". I really don't want to believe that. I hope our readers don't mind when we brag a bit. After all, dirt track racing is about family. If you are involved in dirt track auto racing, you know just what I'm talking about.

In fact, we'd like to know about all of the little dirt track racing fans out there. Feel free to send me your new baby dirt track auto racer pictures. Email me at dirttrackcarrace@aol.com and send along an attachment and your littlest dirt track racers's name and age and I will be sure to include your newest little dirt track racer in one of our blogs!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dirt Track Baby on The Way! News Flash!

While Jeremy is busy building a new dirt track auto racing car in his garage (a late model this time), his beautiful wife Sara and daughter Alexia are busily getting ready for the arrival of baby Ava. The littlest dirt track auto racer is now due to be born on Thursday, August 23rd if all goes as planned.

In the meantime, Jeremy has just about finished building his modified and is now working on another one, but a late model dirt car for his friend. He has the bare frame in his garage and will be building this one from the ground up.

He still hasn't heard anything about the Nascar Truck circuit and he may not for awhile, but in the meantime, he isn't letting any moss grow under his feet. He is getting ready for the dirt track season and eagerly anticipating the arrival of his littlest dirt track student. We'll keep you updated!

Don't forget to visit Jeremy's dirt track racing website. http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com

Oh yes, they are still deciding whether to dress her up in a steeler outfit or a dirt track outfit. Any suggestions from the dirt track racing fans out there?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Baby Ava on the Way

Dirt Track Auto Racing Beauties

In my last dirt track auto racing blog I promised I would introduce you to baby Ava. Well, meet beautiful mom and wife, Sara and baby Ava who is already kicking her way to future fame, causing joy, but causing heartburn and pains too! Mom is looking pretty darn good for being 8 months pregnant.

Meet Jeremy's daughter, beautiful 5 year old Alexia, who was also Jeremy's first spokesmodel (you can see here video by clicking here) and going to the dirt track auto racing website.
Dirt Track Auto Racing Beauties

We don't know if baby Ava will be a dirt track racer like her dad, but we do know that she is already feisty and ready to go even though she still has a month left before she greets her new world.

Alexia will be starting kindergarten this fall and she is anxiously awaiting Ava's arrival. You may remember Alexia from the website where she introduces Jeremy's dirt track auto racing website to the world. Alexia was four when she made the video and is looking forward to making another one real soon.

So now you've met the immediate Zufall family. Soon you will get to meet Ava (we'll post her pic as soon as she lets us).
Thanks for visiting and we hope you and your families will become one of Jeremy's biggest dirt track auto racing fans.
This is a bit off the subject, but I found a really wierd site while reading AOL this morning. It covers alot of topics and it is called boingboing.net It's kind of a crazy site and I think it is named boing boing because just about every topic imaginable is displayed there. Not all of it is suitable for kids though but there are some weird and interesting things on it. You might want to take a look there as well, but don't forget to come back again and visit our dirt track auto racing blog!

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Meet Jeremy Zufall

Getting Ready for a New Dirt Track Auto Racing Season

We were finally able to get a picture of Jeremy so you can see who we are writing about. Here he is with a big smile on his face. Why does he have a big smile on his face? All you have to do is mention dirt track racing to him and that will do it.

Jeremy has another reason to smile though. . . his daughter AVA is on her way. She is due at the end of August and Jeremy is having trouble deciding whether to put a Pittsburgh Steelers Outfit on her when they bring her home from the hospital or a dirt track racing outfit. I wonder what he'll choose?

I think Jeremy was really hoping for a boy so he could teach him how to get down and dirty on the track too, but there is no reason that Ava can't go for the gold too. We may be writing a blog about her in the future!

Watch for my next blog when I will post a picture of Ava to be and her mom. They too are getting ready for a new season of dirt track auto racing.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Want to Sponsor Jeremy For Nascar Truck? Still Racing Dirt Track In the Meantime

Although Jeremy is still participating in dirt track auto racing, he is also now actively seeking sponsors to help him get started driving a Nascar Truck. As you all know, that is a very expensive proposition. It is his dream to get into Nascar and the only way to do it is to raise money.

Sponsorship isn't just a one-way proposition though. Sponsors will be getting national recognition for their participation and even more recognition each time he wins. You can visit his Sponsor House site (which is still under construction) for more information. Thanks again for visiting Jeremy's blog and websites!

View jeremy zufall's Profile

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing or Nascar Asphalt?

Dirt Track Auto Racing or Nascar Truck on Asphalt -
Which will it be for local dirt track champ Jeremy Zufall?

What a choice. Jeremy's modified is in his garage, waiting for a few more modifications, but essentially ready to go for the season. Here it is in progress.
But now, Jeremy is pursuing his new career with a vengence. He is preparing his resume, his press release, doing research and getting ready to find sponsors. The Nascar Truck bug has bit him and he's got the fever.
You can support Jeremy by checking out his sponsor house website by clicking here. Jeremy needs sponsors as Nascar Truck racing is even more expensive then dirt track auto racing. If you want a talented guy to advertise your business and win a few races on your behalf, then please contact Jeremy asap.

Friday, June 22, 2007

From Dirt Track to Asphalt Track - Trying it Out

Dirt track auto racing is all that Jeremy has ever known. This past June weekend he was invited to try out racing a Nascar Truck on an asphalt track in North Carolina. You can see the pic to the left, #89, the Nascar Truck Jeremy is going to drive.
His first round in North Carolina went pretty well for Jeremy this past weekend. He just finished driving the Nascar Truck on an asphalt track for the first time, having to do 60 laps in total. He did well and followed the direction of his mentor who is telling him the things he must do to succeed.

He said it is "very different" then driving on the dirt track. He needs to drive again, and he still needs to get the thumbs up from the Nascar truck owner. If he does succeed and the Nascar truck owner is pleased with how he drives, then the hard part starts.

You just don't get to drive a Nascar Truck. You get to drive a Nascar Truck (usually for a $50,000 fee upfront) and then you get to promote yourself. There are all kinds of steps in between and it is a long road to haul, but the rewards can be exceptional in many ways in the end.

I'll keep you apprised of Jeremy's progress. In the meantime, don't forget to visit his website at
http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com/ for more pictures and dirt track auto racing information. Who knows, maybe one of these days we'll be building a website for Nascar Racing Trucks!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Dirt Track Car Has Been Rebuilt

Jeremy has been working very hard on rebuilding his dirt track car to get ready for the summer. It is now rebuilt, but, he is trying something different this week. I don't know how it will go for him but he has been asked to try out for driving a Nascar Truck in North Carolina.

He is a great dirt track auto racing driver but this weekend will tell if he can also drive a Nascar Truck for the Nascar Truck series. He figures he has nothing to lose by at least giving it a chance. It he doesn't make it, it's back to the auto dirt track. I'm sure it's in his blood and because of that, he just won't quit.

I'll keep you posted on his progress. In the meantime, he is building a site on sponsor house too and when it is completed, I'll put the information on the blog for you too. Have a great summer on the dirt track!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing - He Never Gives Up

I haven't contributed to this blog for awhile. I've been in an observation mode. I am watching Jeremy and his dad Jim rebuild a new dirt track car for the new racing season.

All of last year I watched car after car engine blow up or something else go wrong. It seemed like it was time to call it quits, but no, that just won't happen if it is in your blood. It is in the Zufall family's blood.

Jeremy, his dad, his uncles, his grandfather and his father before him have been avid dirt track racing fans since what seems like forever. He has an incredible family support base with his dad, his wife, his sister, his uncles, cousins and friends. Every time it looks like Jeremy is about to throw in the towel (you can tell when he mutters under his breath), he orders some new part on Ebay or meets with his dad to see what they can do.

His new car is in the garage of his new house (the family car is in the driveway of course). He and his wife are expecting their second child due in late August and although Jeremy had plans to put the new baby under the hood, she will be dressed in pink! Hey, who says a girl can't race?

I'll keep you updated. So far the frame is painted, the body is on top of the frame and it's painted and he's adding all of the necessary parts, bit by bit. We are looking forward to an exciting racing season, win or lose. If it's in the blood, you just have to do it. That's the way it works with dirt track auto racing!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Finding Sponsors

To afford a great dirt track racing car, the drivers need a great dirt track car to drive. The driver's skill plays the most important role in winning, however, if the driver has a stock car that consistently breaks down or has problems, the driver is going to be at a serious disadvantage.

Jeremy is working on his stock car for next year but has the chance to drive a late model if he can find sponsors. The average sponsor can kick in anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars to have their name placed on the car. It's a great form of advertisement and it allows the dirt track racer to apply his or her skill without worrying about the quality of the car.

We will be adding pages to the website soon that will show exactly how sponsoring works. So please check back for the announcement because we want to keep this sport alive and the more sponsors there are, the better the sport can become.

Most important of all is the fact that Jeremy and his racing family have been supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital by donating a percentage of their winnings, an average of 30%. Jeremy is once again, this year, committing to donating 30% of his wins.

If you are a potential sponsor, you can contact Jeremy at dirtrackcarrace@aol.com
Please don't forget to visit our website at http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com and THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF OUR WEBSITE AND BLOG!

Kickin Up the Dirt Track Racing At Dog Hollow Raceway With the Super Late Models