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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dirt Track Auto Racing - He Never Gives Up

I haven't contributed to this blog for awhile. I've been in an observation mode. I am watching Jeremy and his dad Jim rebuild a new dirt track car for the new racing season.

All of last year I watched car after car engine blow up or something else go wrong. It seemed like it was time to call it quits, but no, that just won't happen if it is in your blood. It is in the Zufall family's blood.

Jeremy, his dad, his uncles, his grandfather and his father before him have been avid dirt track racing fans since what seems like forever. He has an incredible family support base with his dad, his wife, his sister, his uncles, cousins and friends. Every time it looks like Jeremy is about to throw in the towel (you can tell when he mutters under his breath), he orders some new part on Ebay or meets with his dad to see what they can do.

His new car is in the garage of his new house (the family car is in the driveway of course). He and his wife are expecting their second child due in late August and although Jeremy had plans to put the new baby under the hood, she will be dressed in pink! Hey, who says a girl can't race?

I'll keep you updated. So far the frame is painted, the body is on top of the frame and it's painted and he's adding all of the necessary parts, bit by bit. We are looking forward to an exciting racing season, win or lose. If it's in the blood, you just have to do it. That's the way it works with dirt track auto racing!!

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