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Friday, April 16, 2010

We're Back. Building the New Dirt Track Auto Racing Late Model

Jeremy's latest Dirt Track Late Model is in the garage and is being built. Progress is being made. After a few weeks (and working many hours on his own job) with the help of some family members and good friends, the car is making progress.

We're back in business. Over the past several months Jeremy has sold his old dirt track late model (the blue one) and is now in the process of building his new late model.
He has also picked up a few sponsors to help him get started this year. He can always use new sponsors and as we all know, just because the economy is down, advertising doesn't stop.
Here is a picture of the newest late model a few weeks after he purchased it. I'll keep adding more pics throughout the next few weeks to get this blog up to speed again. With working so many days and trying to get everything done, we've gotten a bit behind. Besides, there really wasn't too much new to tell. Now that the season is upon us, things will change! Enjoy.

Joy Mining Machinery

East Coast Speed

RPM Racing News
Repp Racing Engines
Target Zero Dana Mining

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