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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Disappointing Dirt Track Auto Racing Weather at Roaring Knob

In dirt track auto racing, sometimes the weather just doesn't want to cooperate.  Four weeks ago Jeremy finally got in the top 4 in his heat.  He went two laps and then went wide, but since it had rained and the track recently dried, the outside area around the track had lots of loose dirt.  He started to head back on the track as the caution flag came out but he never made it.  A driver sped up behind him and drove his car into the wall.  The damage was done.  The fuel line was leaking.  He was out of the race.

He stayed out for two weeks in anticipation of racing at his sponsor's hometown track (Joy Mining ).  It was their family day, but it poured down rain and there was no hope of any cars getting on the track.  He sat out the next week waiting to hear from his sponsor because he had put on all new panels in preparation for the family day.  The even was rescheduled for this coming Sunday, August 8, 2010. 

He did race last week but rain had saturated the track as well.  He started 18th and finished 14th.  Nothing to write home about but he still moved up.

It can be extremely frustrating to keep on trying, but the dirt track auto racers who win are the ones who don't give up.  The car looks great and is ready for Joy Mining's family day and the race he will attend there.  We'll hopefully get a few pics and let you know how it goes there. 

Thanks for reading and keeping up with Jeremy and his dirt track auto racing adventures.

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