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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Day at Roaring Knob August 28, 2010

After last weeks rain delay, the night's events were canceled.  Jeremy was looking forward to racing again on Saturday, August 28th and making up for the rain day on Sunday, August 29th.  Instead, Jeremy is now looking at some serious repairs as a result of a four car pile up on Saturday.

He did fine in the heat race and started off well keeping up with the group until two cars in front of him spun out and wrecked and another car beside him wrecked forcing him to go under the car in front of him.  

You can see the damage to the front end of the car in these two pictures.  The radiator is bent and leaking and the panels are all damaged.  Some of the other metal is bent and it will stay that way until at least $400 can be found to repair it.  I guess when there is a will, there is a way.  He wants to finish out the racing season so we will see what is in store.

Here is the damage to the front panels of the car.  You can see the radiator in the background.  Jeremy was not injured and neither was anyone else. 

Dirt track auto racing can be fun but a bit dangerous as well.  The cars are built to protect the drivers but not much else.  It was a bad day for Jeremy at Roaring Knob but we are hoping he can make a comeback soon.

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