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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dog Hollow Dirt Track Auto Race Results for July 2, 2010

Jeremy's class is the Fastrak late models.  He  started out the night at the Dog Hollow Dirt Track Auto race great, making it to second place in the heat race but then spun out because of another driver and wound up back in 6th in his heat.  He was seeded 12th and finished 12th.  He said he didn't drive well after getting off to a good start at the beginning of the night.  It was a clear, beautiful night for racing.  He's racing again today at Roaring Knob.  Fireworks and other surprises will greet all of the fans tonight.  Good luck Jeremy.

Here are the race results for Dog Hollow Dirt Track for the Fasttrak late models.

1. Tim Snare Jr.

2. Joe Moyer

3. Brian Force

4. Troy Sheilds

5. Mike Laughard

6. Ken Herman

7. Bobby Cossell

8. John Eckenrod

9. Mike Hughes

10. Frank Monteparte

11. Shawn Schaltenbrand

12. Jeremy Zufall

13. Sierra Records

14. Chris Knutti

15. Shane Weaver

16. Mylan Markovich

16. Billy Stile

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