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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Last Race for the Season In Latrobe

DIRT TRACK AUTO RACING - This was the last race for the season at the Latrobe Speedway in Pennsylvania. Jeremy inched by to finish third in the feature after a disappointing year of auto problems. He will be racing in Challenger but hopes to build a better car next year along with getting a few significant sponsors.

Jim Zufall finished second over all in points for the season. As soon as we get his pictures, we will upload one and post a few on the website at http://www.dirttrackautoracing.com

It was an exciting night with a free for all event. Not everyone took advantage of the no rules situation, but it was alot of fun to watch anyway. The season still continues on for many dirt track auto racers where there is good weather year round. We will continue to contribute to the blog adding more tips, articles, product recommendations and advice until Latrobe's dirt track racing season begins next year.

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