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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Challenger Raceway Blow Out

Dirt Track Auto Racing - Challenger Raceway Blow Out

The weather was very cold, there were lots and lots of heat races, the track was dusty and everyone was trying to get one last race in before the really bad weather hit. Jeremy and Jim Zufall both tried their best to do what it would take. Jeremy wound up being 4th in the heat race out of about 30 which wasn't too bad. Jim was doing well until his axle broke and his wheel fell off. He did get it fixed and went back in the race later but he was already too far behind to have it make any difference. Jeremy thought things would go pretty well until his motor blew up during his final race.

All in all with all of the problems Jeremy had this year, he is looking forward to making next year much better. We may be uploading a bit of video from the race if we can or at least providing a link for you.

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