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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Great Night at Dog Hollow Raceway - Fastrak Late Model - Jeremy Zufall and Dad, Jim Zufall

Last Friday was an exciting night for the Zufall family.  Dad, Jim Zufall and son, Jeremy both had the opportunity to kick up some dirt in our direction.  2 Grandmas, pap, dad, uncle, sister, wife, and assorted kids were there to cheer both of them on.  All of the other tracks were rained out, but the weather was perfect in the Hollow.  

Dad Jim, who races in the Charger Division, hadn't raced in over four years.  He's been busy getting Jeremy acclimated to the new Late Model Fastrak Dirt Track Division for the past two years.  He and Jeremy's uncle Dale and good friend Repp are his pit crew.  Jim couldn't take it any longer so he brought his Charger to the dirt track and did quite well for himself.  He finished fourth out of a field of eight cars in the Feature race.  This was an excellent finish considering he hadn't driven in over four years!  Jim has what it takes to win, but as we all know, it takes time and money to race.  He's sacrificed many years to help Jeremy get to where he needs to be, but he is perfectly content doing so.  We were just thrilled that he did have the opportunity to race.

Not to be outdone, Jeremy put on quite a show himself.  The total field for the Late Model Fastraks was twenty one.  In the Feature, he started 13 and finished sixth.  No one passed him, and there were several cautions along the way.  He drove aggressively and is definitely looking like a contender.  We were all cheering him on.  All in all, it was a great night at the dirt track.

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