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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Roaring Knob Race Track Not Up To Speed for Their Dirt Track Racers and Fans

The last two times Jeremy raced at Roaring Knob, the track conditions were less than being desirable.  The dirt track was very bumpy and had many ruts in it.  These past two times so many cars got flat tires and had to leave the track for other damage done to their cars.  We watched anxiously as Jeremy almost hit the inside wall as his car tires were stuck in one of the ruts.  He finished in a decent position in both races, having started next to the last, but both nights were anxiety filled instead of fun.  

Is Roaring Knob in danger of losing fans as a result of their track conditions?  Possibly, but that shouldn't be as much of a worry as them losing drivers who are not willing to risk damage to their dirt track cars.  Dirt track auto racing is expensive.  The track needs to be in good or even satisfactory condition or many drivers who live on a very small budget will not be able to afford to run on a track that could possibly damage their cars.

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