Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Jeremy Z Moved up from 15th to 8th at Roaring Knob Dirt Track Saturday September 3, 2011

It was a beautiful, but toasty hot evening when the dirt track races started at Roaring Knob on Saturday night.  Jeremy and his dad were both racing.  His dad raced the charger event and Jeremy the Fastrak Late Model event.  There were numerous caution lights due to wrecks, all through the night.  The field started with 21 cars and ended with about 18.  Jeremy was placed 15th in the feature but went on to move up and finish a solid 8th place.  It was a good race that required a lot of skill to avoid so many spin outs and accidents.  Jeremy's dad Jim allowed a new driver to participate in the heat races while Jim raced in the feature event.  Both had a good night over all.

Joy, Jeremy's main sponsor is holding a special race this evening, Sunday, September 4th at Roaring Knob.  It's looking a lot like rain right now so there is a chance it may be called off.  If not, go out and enjoy an evening at the dirt track.

Fun, in the sun, at the Roaring Knob Speedway Dirt Track!

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