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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Dirt Track Auto Racing and Football Are Alike

How are dirt track auto racing and football alike?  Since it's football season and dirt track racing is kind of winding down in most of the colder, wet, snowy states, we thought we would make a little comparison since our fans may be taking a break to watch their favorite football teams.  Jeremy's favorite team of course is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He's as wild and radical about them during football season as he is about driving on the track.

So what are the comparisons between Dirt Track Auto Racing and football?  For one, dirt track racing is an excellent sport that appeals to those who like to have a few unknowns thrown into the mix because of the dirt track, unlike Nascar which is boring in comparison.  Football is also one of the leading sports in the United States with millions of fans who set aside their weekly schedules in the fall just to watch Monday night football.  Even though astro turf is the new foundation for most professional football players, some still play in the dirt and mud caused by tearing up real grass.  Dirt track auto racing is a year round sport with millions of fans, but the weather has to be conducive to racing.  Dirt track racing can still be done in the warm weather states of the South, but football really takes on a life of it's own, outpacing racing for a time.  

Competition is what drives dirt track racers as well as football players.  Many dirt track fans love to watch the university football games.  Here in Pittsburgh, it's the Pitt Panthers who take the spotlight.  It is interesting though that Pitt used to be one of the better teams in their league.  However, it's also a fact that they have never played the one team that is considered to be one of the top 10 all-time college football programs, the University of Alabama.  Alabama's wins seem to come almost naturally and without much effort.  Fans are said to come to the games late and leave early because they know their team is going to win.  When they are there, the fans line the stands dressed in the finest Alabama apparel has to offer.  You will see row after row of fans sporting their red and white, Crimson Tide, University of Alabama shirts.  It would be great, in the spirit of competition and challenge, if the University of Pittsburgh would play a team that they have never played in the last 100 years.  Perhaps the stands would then be filled with blue and gold and red and white lending some real interest to what Pitt has to offer in attracting more fans to their games.  

So, even though dirt track auto racing may be taking the back seat to high school, college and professional football for awhile, the anticipation of the upcoming dirt track season still remains as time is set aside to rest and get the modified cars ready for tackling the dirt track in 2012. 

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