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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jeremy Zufall Racing at Dog Hollow Friday August 12, 2011 - Come Watch!

It looks like we may actually get a Friday night at the dirt track without even a chance of rain.  Tonight, Thursday, August 11th would have been a fantastic race night. Tomorrow night is supposed to be the same beautiful weather at Dog Hollow Raceway. 

The last time Jeremy raced his car was badly damaged.  It's still banged up looking in spots.  The beautiful wrap job that Joy did has taken a beating, but hopefully, after Friday night, something good will happen on the dirt track.  

It's been several weeks now since he's raced, with race tracks canceling and closing to the dismay of many of the drivers.  Even Joy night had to be canceled because Tri City actually closed it's doors to dirt track auto racing for good.  No one really knows the story and if they do, a comment or two would be appreciated.  It seemed as though they were having trouble maintaining their track because their water source was dried up.  I'm sure it's expensive to try to keep a track going and with all of the rainouts we had this year, the owners everywhere, as well as the drivers, have had to take some losses.  

Come out to the Dog Hollow Racetrack on Friday night and watch the dirt track auto racers do their thing and especially watch Jeremy Zufall #20 and cheer him on.  See you there!

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