Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Frustrations of Being a Dirt Track Auto Racer

Jeremy has been busy working two jobs since he now has a little bit more responsibility. To tell the truth, he has been working on Sundays and holidays and sometimes late at night building his new modified that he bought recently in New York. The black car you see in the picture is now in the able hands of Jim Zufall, Jeremy's dad. Jim has already started to race for the year.

The fact of the matter is that dirt track auto racing is very expensive. Jeremy has the car shell, the tires and the basics, but now he needs to get an engine. The car shell itself was just under $10,000 and he is getting it ready to house the engine. He still needs to raise more money to be able to buy the engine that he really wants so he can win a few races. I'll have pictures of what he is working on soon on the blog.

The dirt track auto racing season is a fun one for the whole family so go to google, type in dirt track auto racing tracks (and the name of your city and/or state) and get a schedule so you can have some family fun watching the racers get down and dirty.


Tony said...

Hey there, love the blog, good info.

Margaret Dunn said...

Tony, thanks for stopping by. I took a look at your blog. What a great family-friendly blog! I'm going to digg it right now. Take care on those machines. The mom blog is great too. Love the hairdos.

Tony said...

Thank you, thanks for stopping by.

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