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Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Jeremy, Any Dirt Track Updates?

Jeremy, where have you been? We haven't seen an update on this blog for awhile. Are you still racing?

Hello dirt track auto racing fans. I apologize for being so out of touch. I have been trying to raise money and get sponsors, but lately even the sponsors who said yes seem to be backing out using the economy as an excuse. The bad economy is one reason sponsors are not as willing to spend any money this year.

I am entertaining buyers for the red and white modified you see here because I want to race this year. I started a new job and have been out of town quite a bit here and there so that puts a great damper on having time to keep building this modified. I want to race badly so I am in the process of finding a car that is ready to go that I can get back on the track with. All of this stuff takes time and although I am disappointed that I couldn't come up with enough paying sponsors this year to get my car done on time, there is always next year.

Dirt track auto racing has it's ups and downs. It is expensive and when the cost of fuel went up, the drivers on the track went down somewhat. There are still the diehards and those who win enough money to keep up their hobby or profession. For the little guy though, even little guys who win, in this economy it is a lot tougher to keep the car on the track.

That's what's been up with me. When I get my new car I'll get some pictures up and let you know what's going on, but for now, I'll be on the road again next week and meeting with prospective buyers each weekend. Go for the sport. You will have so much fun if you find an old beater and fix it up for the track. Go get some dirt in your eye!

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Frank said...

Down and Dirty - the way dirt track racing fans like it! Follow Jeremy as he moves up the charts. Click the Twitter button - its easy. If you can't be there - be there.

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