Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Red Late Model Has Been Sold! New Dirt Track Late Model Pics Coming Soon!

After several months of negotiations, the red and white late model has been sold. The garage was empty for about two weeks, but is now filled with a new secret weapon. Jeremy and his dad are building a new late model. The insides are ready to go and they are busy building the body every spare weekend minute they get.

We will have pictures of the process coming soon. With Jeremy's new working schedule, it's hard to find extra time to work on his new late model dirt track car, but he is hoping to be able to race this summer so he will give it a great effort.

This is what happens in dirt track auto racing. You get dissatisfied with one late model and then find another, better one, to work on so you can go out and win races.

Watch for pictures soon.

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