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Monday, June 24, 2013

Dirt Track Auto Racing Results Sharon Speedway Joy Global Night June 22 2013 Jeremy Zufall

Thanks to Sharon Speedway for the race results for Joy Night at the dirt track.  Jeremy Zufall wasn't certain until the last few hours heading out to the track, that he would even be racing since he didn't have everything ready on his Fastrak late model #20, but he and his crew pulled it off at the last minute.  

He almost never pulls a good pill, but on this day, he was supposed to start on the pole.  He had to give it up because he had never raced this new engine before and didn't know how the car would  handle.  He didn't want to take a chance that something would go wrong.  He adjusted the car after the heat race and started near last in the Feature.  As you can see, he moved up a few spots from 17 to 12th.  He was pleased with the way the car was handling and is ready to go now for the season.  Hopefully he will pull another good pill or two this summer.

You can see more detailed dirt track racing results at Sharon Speedway by clicking on the link above: 
Barris Supply RUSH Late Models (20 laps): 1. MATT LATTA (21) 2. Max Blair (111) 3. Bobby Whitling (7W) 4. Matt Lux (Schwartz 71) 5. Will Thomas III (9) 6. Rocky Kugel (21KRT) 7. Eric Wilson (27) 8. Lauren Longbrake (27) 9. Josh Double (38) 10. Dennis Lunger, Jr. (Schwartz 71L) 11. Jamie Wrightsman (21J) 12. Jeremy Zufall (20) 13. Clay Ruffo (14R) 14. Brian Booher (Hoover 00H) 15. Lon Emerick (3) 16. Bobby Pifer III (6P)-DNS 17. Ben Black (27B)-DNS. 

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