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Monday, June 23, 2008

Building a Modified Dirt Track Car - Just the Frame

This is a picture of another dirt track car that Jeremy is building at the same time he is building the red car you see on this blog.
Jeremy has another racing friend who has asked Jeremy to help him with his car. The frame you see here is the beginning of a modified car that will house a $25,000 engine. It will be built to be a super late model dirt track racing car.
The car is in the beginning stages but Jeremy is making progress on this one as well. In addition, Jeremy is putting the finishing touches on his old dirt track car that you see in the blogosphere to the right of this blog. He has redone the outside and this is the car that his dad Jim hopes to race some time this year.
If it seems like Jeremy isn't making a whole lot of progress here, keep in mind that he works one and two jobs full time, has a beautiful family that he needs to spend some time with, and at the same time, has three modified dirt track cars he is building or working on. We are hoping that one of them will be ready soon to race, but even if nothing significant happens until next year, the best you can do is take one step at a time and it will still be a great accomplishment.


Tony said...

Looks awesome. It's great to see someone with that kind of passion for something, but still places the importance on family.
$25,000 for the engine! Wow, should be really sweet.

Margaret Dunn said...

Yes, I should have clarified though. .. it's Jeremy's dirt track buddy who is supplying the engine. He is also a dirt track racer, but he likes to work with Jeremy on building his cars. If Jeremy had the $25,000 he would already have been on the racetrack today. He is still looking for sponsors and is working hard to get them :) Thanks for your comment!

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