Dirt Track Racing Jeremy #20

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jeremy Finally Got to Race!

It's been almost a year since Jeremy has been able to get back on the dirt track. The picture you see here is just one of the modifieds he is building presently.

What you are seeing here is just the original shell / body of the car he bought in NY and brought home. This is the one Jeremy will be racing in the late model category, hopefully some time this year. He is making good progress. Jeremy has raced in just about every class except the late model and the super late model. His specialty in the past was the EMod.

In the meantime, Jeremy and his family are ready for the season. Jeremy's dad, Jim, will most likely be driving at some point. Jeremy's uncle Dale let him drive his car this past weekend. They take turns driving.

We spent our Saturday night at Roaring Knob Racetrack right near Ohiopyle PA. We passed Nemacolin Woodlands on our way to the track. What a beautiful ride that is. All you see are mountains and trees and rivers and lakes along the way.

The dirt track itself is in a beautiful setting. It is clean. There is a concession stand, clean facilities, reserved parking if you want it and a great seating area. Overall the whole track area is very well maintained. I will have pictures of it soon. I had never been to this track before so it was a new experience for me. It was a family event of course. Mom, dad Jeremy, Ava, me (grandma) and Jeremy's mom, dad, uncles and several close friends were there for the big event.

Jeremy was nervous because he hadn't driven for awhile. On the way to the track, there was a problem with the car he was to be racing so they didn't get to the track on time for the draw to see what order the drivers would be in. That meant he was going to have to be the last man on the track. He was.

The first heat race went ok for him. It was pretty obvious he was feeling out the track and getting used to the car. He moved from last place up four cars and it didn't look like he was putting a whole lot of effort into it. He was trying to make sure the car was right. He knew he had another chance to race.

The dust and clay dirt were heavy in the air. It was an absolutely beautiful, clear, warm night. All of the dirt track races were moving along well. No one was badly injured although a few cars suffered some repairable damage.

When it was Jeremy's turn again, he was seeded next to the last at 19 cars. He felt better having had a chance to warm up earlier. The car was in good shape, although the engine was not nearly as good as Jeremy wanted it to be, but at least he was driving. He started out slowly but then began to push his way onto the inside of the track. He went from 19th place to 12th place during the 12 laps. We all felt pretty good about that. Anytime he has ever pulled a good place in line he has done very well and moved up to the top three or four. Many times he won the races in the class he was driving in. This time though was practice for what is to come.

We all had a great night. We left covered in fine particles of clay dust. The car windshield was coated as well as the whole car. The baby was sleeping. It was a long ride home (about an hour and a half) on all of the back roads where the critters like to come out at night.

We are looking forward to more progress on Jeremy's car in the few weeks to come. Watch for more pics and possibly a video of the track and if we can get close enough to see, Jeremy's car.


Tony said...

Very nice, looks like a lot of fun!

Margaret Dunn said...

Thanks Tony! You have that one right on. It's a great way to spend the night with your family.

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